Counterpunch – Rewire | Album Review

Track List

Into The Flood
Calling All Scars
Waiting in the Wings
Judgement Day
Collateral Damage
The Pendulum
What’s Left to Save
Wish You Were Here
Paradise Lost


Intense times are commonplace these days. The world flashes red alerts, hearts are beating out of sync, and the days seem to be filled with panic. To be near the cusp of self-destruction must be frightening.

Counterpunch is a band telling us their fears through their album Rewire, and it’s a testament to the fallen, and the people who feel the brunt of hardship. The fast-paced sound dodges any cliches, and it doesn’t feel heavy on the mind – but it throbs to be listened to.

Rewire is Counterpunch’s story laden masterclass. The band flex their musical muscles, and throughout the record, they do not shy away from striking the fuse.

Fiery lyrics keep the record on the highest pedestal too, with them describing a polluted planet, and the band is hurting so much here that you will almost feel the tension. And the act often details themselves standing on the edge of a darkened void, so dark, so chilling.

The instrumentals are technical in their delivery, and the band also makes sure the intensity doesn’t become flat at any moment. And we’re taken into this band’s chaotic world when the music raises the stakes and the volume.

Brilliant guitar sequences keep up with the pace of the brooding vocals and the powerful percussion, and the album just makes sense.

‘Into The Flood’ starts the record off in a slow build-up. It doesn’t involve any vocals, but it raises hairs. ‘Avarice’ then bursts in, and the vocal work slowly gathers pace, and the technical guitar work increases the intensity. Someone is losing their grip.

‘Judgement Day’ offers the sound of chiming church bells, and the drumbeat enforces a sense of doom. The chorus describes the brink. ‘The Pendulum’ begins with a punk infused riff that evolves, and the story gains more notability, and this album conveys darkness at such a speed.

Rewire is an album that conveys corruption and the state of humanity at such an intelligent level. Counterpunch is right with their analysis.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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