Copycat Killer – Episode 10 Recap, Review, & Ending Explained

Episode 10

The Season Finale of Copycat Killer goes back in time to when Kuo was interviewed to be a prosecutor. He tries to keep his calm despite being instigated by his interviewer who was hoping to catch Kuo off guard based on his childhood trauma. Yun-huei is the psychological evaluator during the interview and notes that Kuo is still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

Is He-ping alive? What happens to Kuo Hsiao-chi?

After shooting at He-ping, Kuo waits in the parking lot where the cops arrive. Kuo is taken into police custody for beating up and almost killing He-ping. While Kuo is serving time in prison for that, the public sentiment against him has deteriorated significantly. The media is in a frenzy and Kuo has been detained from his job as a prosecutor. He-ping, who is in the hospital, gives interviews about how the prosecution is failing the country.

Yan-jhen pays Kuo a visit to the correction facility and tells him that both Yong and Yu-tong are recovering. Yu-tong tries to talk to her father but is unable to say anything to him. Yong hugs Yu-tong and asks her to take her own time to recover. Yong wonders if Kuo had taken the illegal gun from where he dropped it.

What does Mr Ma tell He-ping?

He-ping makes it to work and has become a hero at the TNB News station for his bravery. The higher-ups claim that He-ping being a suspect in the serial killer case means that He-ping should be removed from the primetime broadcast show. He-ping contradicts the suggestion by making a joke as he chokes his boss in front of all the other employees.

He-ping claims that they needed to keep the news running in order to protect the public from being misled. The news agencies are playing another video that Noh had sent around where he asks the public to vote who they were in support of, Noh or Kuo. He-ping tries to instigate Mr Ma into coming back to the TNB broadcast but the old man catches He-ping in his bag of lies.

Mr Ma claims that He-ping’s book had a lot of details about Yi-jyun that even he was not aware of. He claims that He-ping wrote the book as if he were present at the scene of the crime when Noh was killing his victims. Mr Ma adds that He-ping using the serial killer case to create hype around his news agency would be like playing into Noh’s sinister plans, something that the public should not be entertaining.

He-ping is stumped by Mr Ma’s wisdom and claims that Yi-jyun too was smart like the old man, indirectly claiming he had interacted with the deceased victim.

What happens to Cun-yi’s letter?

Yong manages to recover from the accident and comes back to work at the police station. There are thousands of letters from the public where the common people have cast their votes between Noh and Kuo. Wan-kai shares that he has found Cun-yi’s letter in Jun-huei’s belongings where the deceased inmate admitted He-ping is the real serial killer.

Yong asks Da-chao to sneak a copy of the letter to him while Wan-kai gets a call about how the public are supporting Noh out on the streets as they wear his mask and terrorize people. The prosecution urges the public to avoid paying attention to Noh’s videos while He-ping holds debate after debate to bring the prosecution further down.

He-ping holds his fingers upon his guest’s head as if it were a gun on live television and asks if Kuo attacking him made any sense at all. Kuo also manages to see the broadcast of He-ping’s show from jail. The next day, Kuo gets a letter from Yong. Kuo recalls the advice Mr Ma had given him in the past when he had asked Kuo to take a step back in a fight if he wanted to stump the opposition.

What happens after Kuo is temporarily released from prison?

Kuo stops himself from getting into a physical fight with his inmates. The former prosecutor is beaten up and then temporarily released due to good behaviour as his sentence for attacking He-ping is shortened. Kuo is in the hospital recovering from his injuries. After he has recovered, Kuo asks to appear on the broadcast with He-ping. He-ping agrees to let that pass.

On live television, Kuo formally apologises to He-ping for what he had done. He-ping is shocked at Kuo’s attitude shift and asks to take some calls in the meantime. The first caller is Noh and Kuo is confused because He-ping had gotten someone to call in his place.

What happens on the call with Noh?

On the call, Noh claims that he is not He-ping and mocks the prosecution for having it wrong all along. Noh threatens to kill someone if Kuo leaves the broadcast. The caller also claims that He-ping stole his idea and wrote a book about the murders. He-ping asks Noh to prove that he is the real deal and the caller manages to instigate He-ping.

Noh claims that He-ping was just using his MO to gain success as an author and created a fictional narrative. Kuo plays along and claims that He-ping is a nobody. This riles the broadcaster up as He-ping confesses to his crimes on live television. Smugly, he also tells Kuo the location of all the evidence that could prove him guilty.

Who called He-ping posing to be Noh?

A flashback reveals that the senior prosecutor general had convinced Kuo to play along where he would make a fake call to TNB News Headquarters. Kuo decided to come on the show to expose He-ping so that the public would hear the truth from the horse’s mouth itself.

The letter from Cun-yi, as well as the ashtray and more pieces of evidence, are enough to prove He-ping guilty. Kuo is taken back into prison to serve his sentence while Yan-jhen promises Kuo that she will keep in touch with him.

What happens to He-ping at the end of Copycat Killer?

He-ping is sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole due to the heinous crimes he has committed. On his way out of the courtroom, there is a mob of protestors against the serial killer. However, one of the men in a mask approaches He-ping as he is being taken into custody and stabs the serial killer.

He-ping narrates how he was the one to decide how the story ends, alleging that he had prompted the masked man to kill him if he was ever to be sentenced. He-ping is dying of the attack but is not remorseful of his actions. He asks the reporters to film him as he dies.

How does Copycat Killer end?

Things are moving forward for the other characters as Kuo and Yan-jhen develop a close friendship while he is in prison. Yan-jhen has become a broadcasting reporter and tries to use her voice for the good of a fastly developing society. Once Kuo is released from prison, he becomes a defence attorney / public defendant and uses his voice to help the wrongfully convicted.

Mr Ma’s daughter (Yi-jyun’s mother) has woken up from her coma and is slowly recovering. Yong has become accepting of Yu-tong’s choices. Yu-tong has opened her own boutique as she always wished for after recovering.

The Episode Review

This episode was not much of a shocker because I really expected the drama to end on a suspenseful note. I wanted the show to live up to its title and reveal a copycat killer who was trying to gain attention by mimicking Noh/He-ping’s actions. However, since that did not happen, we will have to live with what we got.

He-ping not suffering for his actions and getting the ending that he wanted was the only sad part of this episode. I wished for He-ping to be traumatised in the same way that he traumatised his victims. While Jian-ho died pretty soon and for no fault of his own, I wish there was some sort of a callback for that innocent character in the season finale.

I really wished for Kuo to find his happy ending with Yan-jhen and from the looks of it, he seems to be getting just that. A great conclusion was seeing that all the other survivors involved in the case are now leading seemingly normal lives with He-ping dead.

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