Copycat Killer – Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Copycat Killer starts with a flashback to a younger He-ping. He ties his pet dog in a gunny sack and sets his backyard on fire. An older He-ping talks about how the things that go on in his life are just a game for him. He claims that he is not a sadist but a director who wants to direct his own stage and destroy life according to his own will.

The cops are closely looking at He-ping’s past and find that his mother and father were common people but both died due to unnatural reasons, seemingly caused by He-ping himself. Yun-huei tells Kuo that it was He-ping who convinced her to take part in the show with him. Kuo is sure that He-ping is the real Noh and that the entire fiasco was all part of his grand plan.

Kuo claims that He-ping certainly wanted Jian-ho to take the fall and Yun-huei is touched that Kuo was trying to redeem her brother. Ya-cih had decided to turn her life around and told her son that she was going to take him out of boarding school and that they could live together as he always wished to.

Later that evening, Ya-cih calls Yan-jhen to tell her that she will be late for dinner and that she will catch Yan-jhen for drinks that night.

The former TNB broadcaster is meeting Jia-tang, whom she hopes to get some intel from about He-ping. Jia-tang is on the loose and hiding away from the cops. However, he manages to fool Ya-cih and tries to kidnap her in exchange for the money. Just as he is about to abduct the woman, He-ping arrives at the scene and knocks Jia-tang out.

A flashback from five years ago shows how He-ping manipulated the truth from reality to fiction in order to present a certain narrative of his choice through the medium of news. He-ping had earned a lot of praise from his bosses back then which motivated him to go to various heights in order to twist the truth.

He-ping had met Cun-yi, Jia-tang and Jia-won at Sodom five years ago when Ya-cih had asked him to investigate the spread of pornography in the city. Back then, the four guys had bonded over their mutual liking for assault over women. Ya-cih was disgusted by the sadistic video He-ping wanted to broadcast and kicked him off his team.

He-ping harboured a certain hatred for Ya-cih but thrived when he saw how the world was dancing on his fingertips when he presented his own imaginary narrative. He recalls how he had found Jia-wun after he had killed Mian-mei. Back then, He-ping had convinced Jia-wun to get over the murder and helped him bury the body.

He-ping had won Jia-wun’s trust exercise when he was about to drive into a truck. With this, the two had become close friends with Jia-tang and Cun-yi. We see how the four had kidnapped Yu-ping and were trying to take advantage of her. Cun-yi was not happy about it and tries to back out but He-ping threatens to harm his sick and dying father which prompts Cun-yi to take part in the sadistic torture.

Jia-wun, driven by rage, chokes Yu-ping and knocks her out but Cun-yi manages to resuscitate her. He-ping is angered by Cun-yi’s actions and chokes Yu-ping to death with his bare hands right in front of Cun-yi. Cun-yi had tried to contact the police back then but He-ping had threatened him with the life of his father, forcing him to surrender.

Back in the present, He-ping has tied Ya-cih in her son’s bedroom. The woman tries her best to escape captivity but He-ping knocks her right down. Meanwhile, the cops take notice of Jia-tang, who was dead in his car in the parking lot, where he met Ya-cih. He also had a videotape from Noh that Kuo looks at. In the videotape, Kuo sees a slideshow of images of the victims being tied down and tortured.

Ya-cih is begging He-ping to let her go but the psychopath promises to make a debacle out of her name once she is dead. Da-chao tells Kuo that Jia-tang had called Ya-cih that day. Kuo makes his way to look for Ya-cih while she manages to trigger He-ping. Ya-cih tells him he was a nobody and that no one would want to watch He-ping on the broadcast program because he was just a freeloader.

He-ping is triggered and brutally kills Ya-cih by disfiguring her face with a glass ashtray. By the time Kuo and the ambulance arrive, they find a bloodied Ya-cih, dead in her son’s bedroom. Yan-jhen is traumatised by the death of her mentor and blames herself for not being cautious with who Ya-cih was meeting. Kuo consoles her and asks her to stop blaming herself.

He also tells Yan-jhen that she should not talk to He-ping in the meantime but doesn’t tell her why. The news channels are airing the videotape Noh/He-ping left with Jia-tung and the family of the victims are further enraged to see what the girls had to suffer through. There is public unrest and Yun-huei tells Kuo that He-ping really could be Noh because he played the video on the news channel on purpose to make a public debacle out of it.

Kuo points out that He-ping’s MO had changed because he was leaving clues behind as he did with Jia-tang to lead the cops to Ya-cih. Kuo thinks that He-ping could make a mistake now that he was rattled by the sudden changes around him while the psychologist claims that Yan-jhen could be in danger because she works with He-ping.

The other news channels are reporting that Ya-cih had an illegitimate child and are making a mockery out of her for possibly having an affair with a politician. Yan-jhen makes it to the news station and He-ping tries to cheer her up while secretly enjoying himself for everyone’s misery.

The Episode Review

This episode was brutal with how we saw He-ping kill Ya-cih in a fit of rage just because she mocked him. While I am sure there is some underlying trauma behind He-ping’s actions, I also believe that some people are downright evil which prompts them to do unimaginable things.

To think that He-ping released the personal information of a businessman and lied that he was having a good time after looting the public, which lead to his death is proof of why people need to think carefully before they trust what they see on the news.

While the next two episodes of Copycat Killer do look interesting, I am left wondering why the title of the show is called Copycat Killer. Was it to keep viewers in suspense from the start or do we have another killer that is going to start following Noh/He-ping’s MO to commit crimes in the upcoming episodes?

Since there are only two episodes left for this one, I don’t think we can expect something to come out of it now but one can only hope for a second season with the real copycat killer that Kuo with deal with.

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