Copycat Killer – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Copycat Killer starts with a lot of media frenzy where news agencies claim that Jian-ho was in the car and could be the Serial Killer Noh. The cops also find Jia-yi’s body with her hand missing just as it was discovered to be. The Prosecutors close the case while Kuo is in a state of shock. He tells Yun-huei that Jian-ho’s body will need to be autopsied because they want to rule him out as the killer.

Yun-huei is upset with Kuo for not trusting her brother despite knowing them for years. There is a commotion at Jian-ho’s memorial service where the family of Noh’s victims make an appearance demanding answers from Yun-huei. Kuo is rattled by the sudden death of Jia-wun and Jian-ho. Da-chao tells him that Jian-ho’s prints were never found on the scene of the crime where Yu-tong and the other victims were held.

Kuo asks the cops to look into the files that Jian-ho was working on at his office while Yu-tong is still recovering from her injuries from being captive. The doctor advises Kuo that asking questions about the incident will not be helping her because she was still in a state of Post Traumatic Stress. Yong is still on life support, recovering from the accident.

Kuo’s superiors ask him to close the case but the prosecutor asks for some more days to solve and close the case. Kuo’s uncle tells him how his past was being dragged through the mud because of this case. The prosecutor reads a news report on his family’s murder. Yun-huei is clearing up Jian-ho’s desk and Yan-jhen is the only one consoling her. Reporters hound Yun-huei and ask her to apologise to the families of the victims.

Meanwhile, He-ping manages to convince Ya-cih to have an interview with Yun-huei and the prosecutor general. Their boss wants Ya-cih to side with the prosecutor general while He-ping will work with Yun-huei in a heated debate for their news network’s betterment. From reading Jian-ho’s record books, Kuo learns more about other things involving Jia-wun.

He learns that Jia-wun took Jian-ho to a club called Sodom where women were assaulted for pleasure and it was one that VIPs and rich men frequented. Kuo recalls finding a tape at Jia-wun’s house with the title Sodom Nightclub on it. However, to his surprise to see the live debate airing that night on TNB News. Ya-cih as well as the prosecutor general manage to stump Yun-huei.

Yun-huei defends her brother claiming that Ya-cih worked with him and should have known what kind of a person he was. He-ping defends Yun-huei and claims that the serial killer could have used Jian-ho as a pawn and was still out in the open, preparing himself for the next crime. The prosecutor agrees with He-ping and Ya-cih is suspicious of He-ping’s sudden confidence.

Later that night, Kuo pays Yun-huei a visit. She dismisses him but Kuo claims he is desperate and wants to prove Jian-ho’s innocence. He asks Yun-huei to help him find the evidence to save Jian-ho’s reputation. News reports claim that one of Jia-wun’s other properties had a huge number of torture devices and violent pornography. They also suggest that he frequented Sodom nightclub which prompts Ya-cih to call her assistant.

The reporter wants to see an older video of her show where she talked about the spread of pornography in the district. Kuo is informed that Sodom was closed down a year ago and Jian Jia-tang was one of the permanent employees there. Wun-kai claims that Jia-tang had a drug and public offence record to his name. Kuo asks Jia-tang to be located while Mr Ma, the grandfather of Yi-jyun, asks to meet with Kuo.

Ya-cih looks at the report from a year ago where He-ping was interviewing Jia-tang at the Sodom erotic video store. During the interview, the camera pans to Jia-tang as well as two customers in the background, one of who is Jia-wun. Mr Ma tells Kuo that he thinks that the person who called him at the PCO, asking him to bark on the streets like a dog was not the same as the one that made the live call on TNB News weeks after.

He claims that after studying both voices closely, he was able to learn that the person on the phone was much older than the one who was on TV. Kuo is left thinking about Mr Ma’s comment and envisions how Jia-wun, just like Cun-yi could have been a mere pawn who was following the real killer’s commands. Kuo learns that Cun-yi wanted to meet his father who was in a nursing home but did not have enough points to do so.

He interrogates Cun-yi the following day and tells him that he had paid Cun-yi’s father a visit, claiming he was doing okay. Kuo asks Cun-yi about Jia-wen and wonders if he was taking the fall for someone else. Kuo asks Cun-yi to be a witness and reveal the real serial killer which could help him get free. Ya-cih quits her job and tells Yan-jhen that she had made her decision after she provoked Jia-wun to kill Zih-cing.

Ya-cih asks Yan-jhen out for a dinner as friends before leaving the TNB News headquarters for good. That night, He-ping takes a cab ride in Kuo’s uncle’s taxi. Meanwhile, Kuo is analysing the transcripts of Noh’s interactions with Mr Ma as well as Ya-cih and finds the difference in their language. Kuo’s uncle tells him about the cab ride with He-ping, and claims that the reporter was asking a lot of questions about Kuo.

The uncle claims that He-ping has specifically requested for Kuo’s uncle to pick him up and had sent a souvenir for Kuo to look at. The souvenir is an advertisement from a magazine for a serial killer novel. Kuo notices how He-ping had a very formal diction and seemed like a narcissistic personality based on his interaction in the past.   

The Episode Review

The whole plot where Jian-ho was the one being blamed for the murders seemed unnecessary and felt like it was dragged out for no reason when it was crystal clear that Jia-wun was the serial killer. The show really is interesting but has been drawn out far too long. With a shorter number of crisp episodes, this one would have made a lot of buzz due to its interesting storyline.

The revelation of Kuo’s background seemed unnecessary and I feel like that does not contribute to anything, and could have been left unsaid unless it had something to do with the show’s main plot. I would love it if I am proved wrong in the episodes to come. For now, the sudden callback to his childhood felt like it was unnecessarily added to the story.

He-ping’s sudden confidence boost looks good for him but there is something suspicious about him. While I did not initially notice anything about him, the ending to this episode really caught me off-guard. I have a feeling that the makers could introduce another plot twist in the next few episodes and it is something I look forward to.

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