Copycat Killer – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Copycat Killer starts with the cops arriving at the abandoned building only to find that Yong had fallen off the roof. Jia-wun, on the other hand, is even more enraged after what Kuo said to him during the interrogation. He goes back to where he hid Yu-tong and chains her up, ready to torture and kill her.

The cops are stunned after Yong’s accident while Kuo is worried about the officer who is taken back to the night of his family’s death. The doctors tell Kuo and Yan-jhen that Yong was now in a stable condition. Meanwhile, Kuo gets a call from the police station where he runs into Jia-wun’s lawyers who ask him to stop following their client without proper evidence.

Meanwhile, Jian-ho hears about the attack on Yong. Jian-ho recalls his conversation with Yun-huei where he had accused his sister of trying to control him. He claims that she had been treating him like a project because of the scar on his face. Jian-ho gives Jia-wun a call and warns him that the cops were investigating him.

The reporter prods Jia-wun to confide in him and but Jia-wun lashes back at his old friend and asks to be left alone. Yan-jhen offers to help Kuo with the case after learning how Jia-wun’s lawyers had ties with the House Speaker – Chen Hung-lian. The cops are trying to find a connection between Jia-wun and speaker Chen.

Meanwhile, Yan-jhen is talking to Speaker Chen’s friends in order to get more intel on him, his personal life as well as his wife, who reportedly passed away several years ago. At the same time, Kuo is trying to find more information about Chen’s investments and he asks the cops to look into Jia-wun’s phone records.

Later that day, Yun-huei visits Jian-ho at work but is shocked to learn that he had taken a day off from work that day. The cops are looking at Jia-wun’s phone records and learn that the DJ had made a lot of calls to a woman named Ming-mei two years ago which suddenly came to a stop after a while. Kuo asks Wun-kai to look into the person while Da-chao is still shaken up over Yong’s accident.

The cops talk to Ming-mei’s mother who claims that her daughter had left the country two years ago. The woman claims that she hardly had any contact with Ming-mei and that she was living abroad. She claims that she was a promiscuous girl and was spoiled by her father. Kuo finds something suspicious about the interrogation.

Yan-jhen shares Kuo her findings on Jia-wun’s family and tells the prosecutor that Jia-wun’s mother was friends with the house speaker’s wife. She claims that the politician knew Jia-wun’s family well and was potentially Jia-wun’s birth father which is why he was protecting him. Kuo and Yan-jhen discuss Ming-mei and come to the conclusion that all the women involved in the case somehow had a tumultuous relationship with their family members.

Jian-ho pays Jia-wun a visit that day and tries to help his friend. Jia-wun breaks down and claims that he is cursed. He tries to kick Jian-ho out of his house but the reporter claims that he will pay Jia-wun back for protecting him over all those years that he saved him from being bullied as a teen. Jia-wun asks Jian-ho if he can count on his friend when he really needs him and the reporter promises that he would.

Kuo learns that Ming-mei had never been abroad and that the money her mother transferred to her bank account was all being withdrawn from ATMs around the nightclub – Kink. They relate these locations to Jia-wun. Meanwhile, a flashback shows how Jia-wun killed his girlfriend – Ming-mei in his childhood home because she had mocked the dress his mother used to force him to wear as a child.

Kuo and the cops find Ming-mei’s dead body in the backyard of Jia-wun’s family home. The cops call to arrest Jia-wun but do not find him in his own apartment. Kuo asks the cops to search around the entire city and look for Jia-wun. Kuo asks his team to look for all the assets owned by Jia-wun’s mother. The press is trying to get in touch with Speaker Chen but Yan-jhen claims that the politician had refused to talk to anyone.

He-ping asks Yan-jhen to call Jian-ho in for work since he had taken another day off. Jian-ho is following Jia-wun and the DJ asks his friend to get in the car. The reporter grows suspicious when he hears someone from the trunk of the car. When Jian-ho asks Jia-wun who was in the trunk and why the DJ had a suitcase packed in order to flee the country, Jia-wun tries to fight him.

Jia-wun is taken back to his childhood and looking at his friend in a traumatised state, Jian-ho asks him to open the trunk. As Jian-ho is trying to open the trunk, Jia-wun hits him on the head with a stone. Jia-wun is in shock and drives off while Jian-ho wakes up in the back of the car. He tries to get Jia-wun to stop driving but Jia-wun is in a state of shock and keeps seeing the ghost of his sister – the real Jia-wun.

Jia-wun ends up driving off the highway, into a cliff. The episode ends with Yun-huei getting a call from the cops informing her that Jian-ho had died in a car crash. Kuo finds the bodies of Jian-ho and Jia-wun in the car while Yu-tong was in the trunk and was still alive. Kuo asks Yu-tong to be taken to the hospital immediately.

The Episode Review

This episode was a shocker and I did not expect Jia-wun to die already. I am sure that there is something deeper and that there will be another serial killer who will be the real copycat. However, the fact that Jia-wun had killed so many women all on his own in the past, it somehow seems impossible that he is dead.

Jian-ho was innocent but I think he needed to learn the difference between right and wrong considering how he was protecting his friend for so long. If he had spoken up sooner and told Kuo the truth, the cops may have gotten to Jia-wun sooner and he would still be alive.

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