Copycat Killer – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Copycat Killer starts with Kuo watching the videotape of Cin Yi-jyun being strangled by Noh. He tears up when he watches a helpless Mr Ma sitting outside with bleeding palms after Noh made a mockery out of him the night before. Given the nature of crimes against women, the media is aggressively covering the case of the severed hand and that of Yi-jyun’s murder.

Kuo and Officer Yong break down the similarities between Yu-ping and Yi-jyun’s murders. They share how the two women had similar backgrounds and interests which meant that the crimes were premeditated and were regulars at the nightclub called Kink. The cops raid the night club and Da-chao tells Yang that his daughter, Yu-tong was not there.

Yong calls Yu-tong to check where she had been and if she wasn’t working but she dismisses him. Yu-tong is filling in for her colleague, Zih-cing. When Yu-tong tries to call her, Zih-cing gets abducted by Noh and he drives away with her in his van. At the TNB news headquarters, Ya-cih asks the reporters to bring something sensational like what was running through Mr Ma’s mind when Noh made him bark on the streets like a dog.

When no one else from the team volunteers, Yan-jhen agrees to go talk to him. Mr Ma tells Yan-jhen that she was different from the other reporters because she sympathised with him, unlike the others who just wanted a story. Mr Ma asks if Yan-jhen could get him on the news. The old man wants to ask Noh to send over his granddaughter’s remains to be buried.

Yong tells Kuo that Da-chao had found that the victims, Yu-ping and Yi-jyun were both parts of a church choir as well. Yong and Kuo visit the choir practice to talk to Yi-jyun’s friend who was in the group photo. The friend shares that Yi-jyun had kept her Christian faith a secret from her Buddhist grandfather.

Yong asks her to list the phone numbers of everyone in the photograph. Meanwhile, Mr Ma is on the news, begging for Yi-jyun’s body to be returned to her family. There are multiple callers on the line who, instead of sympathising with the old man, are asking questions about Yi-jyun’s character and her parent’s separation.

Mr Ma is embarrassed while Yan-jhen is shocked by the nature of the questions that Ya-cih is posing to the old man. Mr Ma tries to answer the questions in the best way possible but the people are gossiping negatively about Yi-jyun. Yong can’t believe that a family member has to plead to a killer on national television. Yan-jhen confronts Ya-cih for hurting Mr Ma for ratings but the reporter claims that she is only doing her job.

Yan-jhen is disgusted by her attitude and resigns from the job. Kuo’s father is a cab driver and picks him up from work. The man tells Kuo that the situation around the city has negatively impacted his business. In the middle of that night, Da-chao calls Kuo to tell him that Yi-jyun’s body had been found near a cemetery. Her decomposing body was placed on top of a cross with a Buddhist talisman on her neck.

Mr Ma discerns that the killer knew that Yi-jyun was a Catholic and had done this to further embarrass her family. The news reporters cover the funeral and hound Mr Ma who has already been through a lot. Yan-jhen meets the old man and apologises for how things had been handled by her agency but Mr Ma is glad that the broadcast made it possible for him to reunite with his granddaughter.

Mr Ma accepts his fate and asks Yan-jhen to stop worrying about him. Kuo and Yong also pay a visit to Mr Ma and offer their condolences. The old man asks why Yi-jyun’s body was placed over a cross. The cops reveal that Yi-jyun had been baptised as a Catholic and had kept it a secret from him. Mr Ma is sad that Yi-jyun was so scared to hide something so trivial from him.

Yan-jhen tells Kuo that she had quit her job and the two bond over a chat. The forensic expert shares that Yi-jyun was sexually assaulted before she died. He adds that she had died six-eight days ago and was refrigerated to minimise decomposition. Kuo notices a similar lipstick mark on Yi-jyun’s face as that on Yu-ping’s face. He asks Yong to find more details on where the lipstick could be found.

Meanwhile, Noh has stripped Zih-cing off her garments and is recording her. He offers a piece of clothing in exchange for every secret she tells him. Zih-cing begins spilling details about herself and Yu-tong but Noh proceeds to assault her after. At the nightclub, the DJ, Jia-wun chats with Yu-tong and asks her about Zih-cing.

Jia-wun tries to flirt with Yu-tong but she asks him to let her know if she sees Zih-cing and leaves. Kuo finds that Noh had taken polaroid photos of Yu-ping in a pose similar to the drawings she had made in the past. He assesses that the killer was more familiar with the victims than one could imagine. Kuo runs into Yan-jhen outside the police station. She was here to give him some medicine to help with his headache.

Kuo, however, meets with psychologist Yun-huei. Kuo thanks her for the medicine and goes chats with Yun-huei about her brother – Jian-ho who is a reporter working at TNB. Yun-huei and Kuo have a discussion on her findings about Noh. Kuo concludes that Noh often got to know his victims first and wants to mock his victims. Kuo thanks Yun-huei for her help and talks to the forensic expert about the severed hand.

The expert claims that the victim had rashes on three out of five fingers of her hand which meant that she probably worked at a bank and handled cash transactions. The cops ask around for missing employees and land on Jheng Jia-yi who had been AWOL for the past few weeks. Jia-yi’s coworkers share that she never hung out with them because she never wanted to work at a bank.

After work, Jia-yi would go to her part-time job. The news is vigorously reporting the new findings on the case while other friends of Jia-yi share that she always wanted to be a model and worked as a hand model on several projects. The friend adds that Jia-yi met someone at the nightclub Kink one time and Kuo recalls spotting Jian-ho there.

Kuo asks Jia-yi’s friend to contact their mutual friend who had seen the guy Jia-yi was speaking to at the club. Just then, Da-chao informs Kuo that another gift box was found in Inspector Yong’s car with a photo of Yu-tong, bound and gagged. Kuo kicks Yong out of the case for his own good. Just then Da-chao mentions that TNB News had received a direct call from Noh.

The Episode Review

The show has a pretty slow pace and from the looks of it, the killer is pretty obviously DJ Jia-wun and not Jian-ho as Kuo believes. The makers have not done a good job trying to hide Noh’s identity but I will be biting my words if I am wrong by the end. Meanwhile, a love triangle between Kuo, Yan-jhen and Yun-huei seems interesting but I think this crime thriller could do without it.

This episode probably puts into perspective how media play adversely affects such cases because the killer can always learn where the cops are at and one-up his game. This is something Noh is doing which is why he has now kidnapped Yong’s daughter in order to mess with the cops. Had Noh not learned who Yu-tong was and how she was connected to the cops, Zih-cing would have been his next target.

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