Copycat Killer – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Copycat Killer starts with Noh driving his victim, Cin Yi-jyun, in the back of a truck. Yi-jyun is gagged and bound with thumb clamps as Noh intentionally drives the van up to Yi-jyun’s house in order to instigate her. She tries her best to make some noise hoping her grandfather will be able to find her but since the windows of the van are tinted, she is left helpless watching her grandfather as Noh drives off.

At the TNB News headquarters, Yan-jhen confronts Ya-cih about strategically planning the entire prosecutor’s case. Since the actual report of Syu’s arrest was covered by a different publishing house, Ya-cih had landed the opportunity to invite the chief prosecutor to their show making an even bigger report.

Ya-cih asks Yan-jhen to revise her report about missing women’s cases that were linked to Yu-ping’s murder. She asks Yan-jhen to keep her personal feelings aside and find newer cases that could sensationalise the story. Later that day, Kuo asks to have a chat with Yan-jhen. He claims that Yan-jhen had her personal grievances with the prosecution because they mishandled her roommate’s case.

Yan-jhen is upset and gets up to leave but Kuo states that he’s not against what she has done. He asks Yan-jhen to tell her more about Yi-ping because he too is certain there was more of her murder than what the culprit was letting on. Yan-jhen shows her reports on the women’s missing cases that Ya-cih had rejected and Kuo seems impressed by her research.

From the evidence that Yan-jhen had collected, Kuo comes to the conclusion that she went missing after she visited a nightclub called Kink. Kuo then has a chat with Cun-yi, the guy who murdered Yu-ping. He reads Cun-yi’s statement and wonders how he still remembers the statement so well. Kuo asks Cun-yi to put the thumb cuffs on him and notices how the killer struggled with objects as if he was not familiar with them.

Kuo unlocks himself and asks Cun-yi to look at photos of Yu-ping as well as that of the severed hand. Kuo asks him to point out the similarities between the two photos but Cun-yi is not able to point out the dislocated thumbs. The prosecutor leaves his card with Cun-yi and asks him to reach out if he had something new to tell him that had been left out during the original investigation.

Kuo is handed Cun-yi’s psychological evaluation by a psychologist – Hu Yun-huei. Kuo is friends with Yun-huei and visits her for dinner. She is working on her thesis about the psychological attachment that sexual perpetrators have with their victims. Over dinner, Kuo asks Yun-huei to look at the photographs of Yu-ping and the severed hand.

He asks the psychologist to point out the similarities and claims that Cun-yi was not able to point out such an obvious similarity despite his confession. Kuo is worried that Cun-yi had an accomplice who could be a serial killer on the loose. At the TNB News Headquarters, Yan-jhen has a weird interaction with the news photographer – Jian-ho. He-ping tells her that the photographer was always weird around women given his personality.

The next day, Yan-jhen visits Yi-jyun’s house to talk to her grandfather about her disappearance. The old man, Mr Ma tells Yan-jhen how he practically raised his granddaughter after her parents separated and that they shared a close bond. Yi-jyun’s mother had fallen sick right after Yi-jyun went missing and Mr Ma was left alone trying to find her. Yan-jhen helps Mr Ma by handing out missing posters to locals seeking help to find Yi-jyun.

She promises Mr Ma to share a report about Yi-jyun to help find her and the old man gives Yan-jhen a talisman to keep her safe. Kuo and the Gaode Precinct cops investigate the place where Cun-yi had reportedly buried Yu-ping’s body. Kuo concludes that Cun-yi’s statement has a lot of loopholes and also that the location would have made it impossible for him to dispose of Yu-ping’s body without causing a commotion.

Kuo is sure that his was a two-person job and is certain that Cun-yi’s accomplice is committing more murders now. Kuo asks around about Cun-yi and a neighbour shares how he was always shy and timid as a child. The old woman states that Cun-yi’s family had left their house but Kuo finds that the house door was unlocked. Inside the house, Kuo finds another gift box with Yi-jyun’s personal belongings like her id and wallet inside.

Kuo asks Yi-jyun’s family to be notified and wonders how the killer was certain that he would be at Cun-yi’s house to discover the gift box. Yi-jyun’s grandfather examines the severed hand and claims that the hand did not belong to his granddaughter but confirms that the items belonged to Yi-jyun. Kuo asks to go through Yi-jyun’s room to find out more about her.

He learns that Yi-jyun went to Kink, the same nightclub as Yu-ping. Kuo pays a visit to the nightclub and finds Yan-jhen there who was also trying to investigate the connection between the two cases. The prosecutor spots Jian-ho at the club recording something on his camera but the photographer flees out of the club. Kuo looks at the staff record at Kink and learns that the club hires new staff very often.

Yan-jhen points out that the club also hires many dancers to change up the vibe of the club. Officer Yong is shocked to see his daughter, Yu-tong at the club and creates a scene at the club. At home, Kuo recalls seeing Jian-ho at the club while the news reports claim that the severed hand case was related to Yi-jyun’s.

Just then Mr Ma gets a call from Noh who asks the old man to visit the same street where he was handing out flyers about Yi-jyun going missing. Noh asks Mr Ma to bark like a dog on the street until midnight. The old man agrees to do so and does not give up despite bleeding. The cops try to stop Mr Ma but he continues to do as Noh asked him to until midnight.

Officer Da-chao offers to help Mr Ma but the old man does not reveal anything. When Mr Ma gets back home, he finds the TV running with an old video of Yi-jyun playing. He is excited and goes around looking for Yi-jyun all over the place but finds a gift box inside. The box has Yi-jyun’s bra inside with blood stains all over it, as well as a videotape.

The Episode Review

From this episode, I get a feeling that Jian-ho is a distraction. It is possible that the real Noh is the DJ at Kink because there was an uncanny focus on him during the nightclub scene. However, with the way Noh seems to be 2 steps ahead of Kuo all the time, I am worried that there will be many more deaths, including Yi-jyun’s, in the episodes to come.

There is something uncanny about Jian-ho’s character but I am sure he could be an introvert who is really interested in Yan-jhen which is why he was awkwardly filming her and following her around. The way Noh is manipulating poor Mr Ma makes it seem as though his real intentions are not only to assault and murder his victims but a sadistic ploy to make him the most popular serial killer in the country.

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