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Dish 9 Pan-Fried Eggs with Toppings: Celebrating Our New Status

Episode 9 of Cooking Crush starts with Prem comforting Ten at the hospital since he had a panic attack after rushing Earn to the hospital.

When Ten saw Earn lying on the floor unconscious, images of how he found his mother popped into his head, and he remembered how he was unable to do anything for his mother. He got scared that the same thing was happening to him again now with his mother’s lookalike, Earn, and felt hopeless. He feels like the world is cruel to him, but Prem comforts him, saying that the world is not cruel since the doctor updates that she is safe.

Ten breathes easily, feeling like the nightmare of the last ten years since his mother’s death has ended. Prem says that the world gave Ten a chance to unlock his life and live free of guilt for his mother’s death by sending him someone who looks like his mother.

Although there is nothing like a 100& guarantee in medicine, Earn tells him that as doctors, they give people a chance, and that is the most important.

Dynamite and Fire are coming from the shops when Dynamite starts getting cold towards Fire. Fire asks why he is pushing him away while all Fire has been thinking about nowadays is him. He wants to get close to him, but Dynamite does not let him.

Dynamite tells him that he feels like he repulses Fire, and he does not look like the same person who saved him a few years back. In a flashback, Dynamite is a first-year student at the university, and some students rough him up for taking their names off the assignment list since they did not contribute. Fire comes to his rescue, but they do not get to talk since the guard appears at the scene. 

Elsewhere, Prem feels like the distance between him and Ten is becoming bigger, and Ten is not trying to get closer to him. He had asked that they not stay apart, but now, at the hospital, it seems like Ten has already forgotten about it.

When Prem invites him to eat with their friends, Ten easily turns it down, and Prem wonders if Ten is angry with him, but Ten says that he is exhausted, and Prem asks him to go home and rest. Surprisingly, Ten asks Prem to accompany him home since there is something he wants to tell him as well.

Back to Dynamite and Fire, Dynamite pretends that the motorbike is out of fuel since he needs to spend more time with Fire. Fire laughs at Dynamite’s genius plan, which is surprising since he would either throw punches or scold Dynamite in the past.

Fire gathers enough courage and confesses that he likes Dynamite, and as simple as that, they become boyfriends with cute pet names, “My” for Dynamite and “Fy” for Fire. 

Elsewhere, Prem and Ten have a night picnic at the back of Ten’s house. Ten tells Prem about the first time he came to the countryside; he would see the stars at night and think about Prem. He always wished that they would watch the stars together. Ten says asking for some time away from each other was a dumb idea, and he no longer wants to stay away from Prem. He confesses that he likes Prem and says he likes him back. 

The following morning, Prem wakes up early to make Ten breakfast at his place while Dynamite and Fire fool their friends into thinking they are not together. Later that day, they all return home while Ten stays to finish his internship.

Dynamite, Samsi, and Prem spend the next few days practising for the Super Monster Chef while Prem spends the rest of his time talking to Ten on the phone. Dynamite and Fire are still keeping their relationship a secret, but Prem accidentally finds out, and Fire asks him not to keep it a secret.

After a few days, Ten pays Prem a surprise visit on the same day he is supposed to join his friends to watch the Super Monster Chef. Ten begs Prem to join him and his friends, and Samsi agrees to let Ten into his house. Meanwhile, Dynamite steps out to have a meal with Fire before the show, and they talk about not wanting to hide their relationship anymore.

Fire says he wants to come out to his parents, and Dynamite shares his story, saying that his father has never talked to him after he came out. Even though it hurts when his father cuts communication, Dynamite says he is okay since he can be himself and does not have to hide. Dynamite advises Fire to choose what he feels is best for him, but he must be ready for the consequences. 

Ten and Prem start to get lovey-dovey inside the room, and Samsi steps out and looks for Dynamite. He accidentally sees Fire give Dynamite a forehead kiss and runs back to the house to tell Prem about it, but he realizes that Prem knows about the relationship.

When Dynamite returns to the house, he insists that Fire hates his guts and that they are not together, making Samsi drag him to Fire’s door. When he sees Dynamite, Fire addresses him as his boyfriend, leading to a fight between Samsi and his two friends, Prem and Dynamite, since he feels left out and his friends have lost focus.

Samsi locks himself in his house and leaves their friends, saying he will not participate in the competition. Prem and Dynamite continue to knock on his door until Ten stops Prem, saying they need to give Samsi some time to cool down. 

The Episode Review

Both couples make significant steps in their love confessions in this episode. Prem and Ten’s communication has improved considerably, and they choose to make time for each other despite the distance.

Fire has fully accepted his feelings and is considering coming out to his family. Will his mother accept that he is in love with a man? Another critical development in this episode is giving Ten a chance to save Earn, which starts his healing process.

We would like to hear your thoughts on Samsi’s reaction when he finds out that Prem and Dynamite kept him in the dark about Dynamite’s relationship. Do you think his extreme anger is justified? What will happen to Prem and Dynamite during the Super Monster Chef competition if Samsi insists on shutting them out?

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