Cooking Crush (Thai BL) – Episode 8 Recap & Review

Dish 8: Hard-Boiled Eggs for the Wishful Wishes

Episode 8 of Cooking Crush starts with Prem, Samsi, and Dynamite anxiously checking the results to see if they qualify for the Super Monster Chef competition. They find out the results, and Dynamite wants to share them with Fire, while Samsi says he is calling his family to let them know they qualified. Prem’s face shows that he longs to share the news with someone. Dynamite runs to Fire’s door but remembers the recent interaction between them and chooses not to tell him the good news so he does not misunderstand. 

Meanwhile, Fire helps his mother fix a sink, and she applauds his skills and dependability, saying he will be a fine boyfriend to someone’s daughter someday. Fire remembers Janee’s advice and almost tells his mother his feelings but decides otherwise. Prem shares his frustration with Samsi about Ten asking that they spend some time apart. Since he went to the countryside, he has neither called nor texted, and Prem misses him.

At the same time, Ten misses Prem and regrets saying they take some time apart. He even starts seeing Prem in the people he meets at the hospital. Elsewhere, Samsi invites Prem and Dynamite to visit his hometown. 

Ten is busy cooking at his given house in the countryside, thinking back to the times he spent learning to cook with Prem when a woman who looks so much like his late mother shows up. During dinner, Ten cannot help himself, but he keeps staring at the woman named Dr. Earn. Meanwhile, Prem arrives home to find that Chang Ma has left him a basil plant in front of his door. He remembers Chang Ma telling him that a basil plant gift signifies that one feels for the other, and Prem is reluctant to accept the plant. On second thoughts, he thinks the basil plant has done nothing wrong and carries it into the house. 

Later that day, Ten and Earn go out for drinks, and Earn opens up about how she misdiagnosed a patient for lung infection when he was suffering from tuberculosis, which led to the patient’s death. She says she felt guilty and blamed herself but prayed for strength to continue being a doctor. Ten tells her the only person who can help her move on is herself, and later that night, he has a dream about how he found his mother passed out on the kitchen floor. 

Dynamite, Prem, and Samsi arrive at Suphanburi at Samsi’s family restaurant. Dynamite leaves a note on their door announcing where they went and why, and one moment, he is like, who wants to know? While the next, he is begging Metha to go to Suphanburi with him because he misses Dynamite.

Samsi’s parents send Dynamite, Prem, and Samsi to pay respects to the gods at the temple since it is the first thing one should do upon arriving at Suphanburi. Coincidentally, Metha also takes Fire to the same temple according to their beliefs, and they run into each other. Surprisingly, Ten is also working at Suphanburi, a five-minute drive from the temple, and Dynamite asks them to go together to see him. Prem declines, saying that he does not want to bother him. Metha and Fire arrive at the hospital to see Prem, and they tell him about running into Prem.

The next scene is a hilarious back-and-forth between Ten and Prem, sending Metha and Fire to pass messages to each other. They are angry that none of them took the initiative to contact the other, and the angry outburst escalates to Prem saying they should call it quits. Ten’s reaction makes Samsi ask Prem to go and apologise to Ten in person and take his motorcycle. 

Fire joins Dynamite to buy some things from the shop, and on the way, Fire tells Dynamite that he and Janee have broken up. Dynamite is happy on the down low, and Fire pretends that he did not beg Metha to go to Suphanburi so he could see Dynamite. Meanwhile, Prem gets into an accident while rushing to the hospital to see Ten. Regardless, Ten and Prem make up, and they express their feelings of longing and missing each other. 

Earn sends Ten to the house to pick up a package, and Prem accompanies him. Prem tells Ten he does not like the separation and asks if they could stop apart. Once inside the house, after Ten picks up the package, they start to make out, and things get almost steamy, but Ten’s father calls and interrupts the moment. Prem asks Ten to go back to the hospital. 

Another doctor asks Ten if he has seen Earn since she called, and she is not picking up. Earn is passed out on the floor with her inhaler beside her. She is unconscious and cannot hear the call. Ten remembers seeing her inhaler not working, and he rushes home to find her passed out at the front of the house. Prem carries her to the hospital, but images of his mother make him have a panic attack. Prem arrives at the hospital to calm him down.

The Episode Review

Why does Earn look like Ten’s mother? Are they related? While giving Earn advice, Ten mentions that the only person who can help Earn move forward is herself. So I think that probably his mother’s look-alike and mirroring the situation that Ten went through with his mother is a way to help him deal with the trauma of the past so he can move forward. However, no explanation is given in this episode; they will probably provide more in the next one. 

The episode further develops Ten and Prem’s relationship as they communicate better and allow themselves to be vulnerable around each other. It adds depth to the relationship, which has grown steadily over the episodes. Also, Fire seems to be coming to terms with his feelings, and I love how Dynamite is not being pushy but giving Fire the space he needs to figure things out. What will happen to Earn? How will it affect Ten and Prem’s relationship? Will Fire finally accept his feelings for Dynamite? Let us find out in the next episode of Cooking Crush. 

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