Cooking Crush – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Fried Pork Toast That Makes You Smile

Cooking Crush episode 2 starts with Ten dreaming about enjoying a meal with a lady who suddenly disappears. He wakes up from his dream and claims he must have Prem teach him how to cook. 

The following morning, Samsi and Dynamite question Prem about his relationship with Ten. Ten has been following Prem around, asking him to teach him cooking. Prem says that he already turned Ten down, which should end the situation. His friends, however, don’t believe the issue is over and think there is more to the story. During lunch, they help Prem be on the lookout for Ten. However, angry Fire is the only one who shows up. He chases Dynamite down and scolds him for pranking. Fire then asks Dynamite to keep his distance as he doesn’t appreciate the prank.

On the other hand, Ten confides in Metha that he asked Prem to teach him to cook. Metha is surprised Ten has the time to learn cooking. He advises Ten to get someone else to help him cook. However, Ten insists only Prem can teach him, and he needs to learn that specific recipe. Ten is hoping to recreate a moment with someone from his past. 

In the meantime, Dynamite tries to reconcile with Fire and gives him Janee’s number. Fire is so happy and decides to forgive Dynamite. He later lies to his mom that he is visiting a friend when he intends to go on a date with Janee. Thankfully, like a good friend, Metha comes through for him. 

Fire is surprised to see Samsi and Dynamite following him during the date. He confronts Dynamite, and the man lies that he is not stalking or ruining his date. Dynamite says that maybe Fire is affected by his presence because he is slowly starting to get his attention. Later, Fire thinks about Dynamite’s words and starts smiling to himself. You know this is how it starts, and you catch feelings before you know it. After the date, Fire texts Dynamite and says Janee was an amazing date, making the former jealous.

Elsewhere, Ten visits Prem’s grandmother’s restaurant. He made a reservation, and Prem realised it was Prem. In a bid to make Ten stop pestering him for teaching lessons, Prem intentionally messes up the food. He says that he is not qualified to teach anyone.  

Later, Paeng returns home in a bad mood, making Prem question what is wrong. He follows her into the room to scold her for not greeting their grandma and finds her crying. She explains that she lost the money ement for her school fees. Prem promises to help her. He thinks of selling his gadgets but realises they won’t fetch enough money. He remembers Ten’s offer and immediately calls him. Ten is surprised to receive Prem’s call but agrees to meet the next day. 

The following morning. Prem visits Ten’s house and acts so righteous. He says he reflected on his behaviour and decided to get some good karma on his side. He informs Ten that he is willing to teach him. However, Ten has already changed his mind, citing that Prem’s cooking is inconsistent, and he no longer wants to be his student. Prem confesses his little prank and apologises. He asks Ten to give him one last chance and even kneels before our cute medical student. 

Ten agrees to revisit the restaurant and experience Prem’s cooking to make an informed decision. This time, he asks for fried pork and reminisces about his memories with his dad in that restaurant. In the meantime, Prem prepares the dish with all his heart, just like his grandma taught him. Ten loves the dish and hires Prem to be his cooking teacher. Without missing a bit, Prem asks to be paid 50,000 Bhat for his cooking course. Ten admits he knew that Prem messed with the food intentionally when he first visited the restaurant. They exchange numbers and text about what their first lesson will be. 

Ten also looks up Prem online and accidentally likes his photos. Once Prem sees this, he sends Ten a friend request, and they connect. They later talk about grocery shopping and both Dynamite and Fire begin to suspect these two like each other. They start teasing their friend, asking him to make a move on Ten. On the other hand, Ten excitedly gets ready to join Prem at the market. 

Unfortunately, he doesn’t enjoy the experience as different vendors and shoppers passing by nearly hit him. In the end, he chooses to wait outside for Prem to get the required ingredients for the soup dish. As agreed, the lesson takes place at Ten’s house, and it goes smoothly until Prem accidentally keeps on touching Ten. 

Prem notices that Ten is uncomfortable and starts apologising if he wronged him. This is when Ten opens up about having difficulty with physical touch. He, however, asks Prem to continue acting naturally and promises to adjust. Once the dish is ready, Ten tastes it and loves it. He reveals he wants someone else to have the soup and packs it for her. 

Later, we see him texting someone and sharing his excitement about the cooking lesson. He then picks an old childhood picture and longingly admires it. It turns out the same picture is hanging on Prem’s wall. These two met when they were children and might secretly remember each other.

The Episode Review

The scenes between Fire and his mom are so funny. We also got to see Lookjun, who played the role of Namchueam in Only Friends. Now, this is a reunion we didn’t see coming. Also, Fire may not realise it, but he is starting to think of  Dynamite even when he is with Janee. This is the first sign that his heart is moving toward our cute prankster. 

The storyline between our two main leads is progressing well. They are now spending more time together and learning about each other. As OffGun’s fans, we can’t wait to see the new side they will show us in this series. The last scene leads us to believe that Ten has a lot of memories of his time at Prem’s grandma’s restaurant, and he might remember Prem. Does Prem remember him?

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