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Cooked With Cannabis – Netflix Season 1 Review

Season 1

Episode Guide

Grilled Backyard BBQ
Global Eats
“I Do” Cannabis
Futurist Food
High Holidays
Comfort Food to High Cuisine


As laws start to relax around recreational use of marijuana, Netflix deliver a surprisingly funny and solid cooking show in Cooked With Cannabis, filmed in California where the drug is open to being used recreationally. With a chilled tone, some interesting facts and a vibe clearly gunning to break down some of those stereotypical views surrounding the drug, Cooked With Cannabis is a very simple, very enjoyable cooking program.

Each episode sees judges Kelis and Leather introduce 3 brand new contestants who compete for $10,000 by cooking three dishes – a starter, an entrée and a dessert. With free reign to cook whatever they please within the confines of the theme given, the one catch comes from needing to include cannabis in each of the dishes. Each episode sees a different group of special guests invited to join in the celebrations, trying the food and slowly getting high while vibing off one another.

Between each part of the meal is a period of chill-time, allowing the special guests at the table to try the dishes and engage in some friendly, buzzed banter (think Saturday Kitchen but with more hilarity and nonsensical tangents). These moments of “stoner talk” are actually one of the biggest highlights of the show, with some genuinely funny moments dotted throughout the episodes.

While these special guests comment on the dishes and weigh in with their verdict, Kelis and Leather take a much more measured approach, quizzing the chefs over the dosage of CBD and THC, as well as deciding on who the winner is at the end. There is some drama and a few tense segments as the countdown reaches the final 10 seconds between dishes but these are ultimately few and far between. The show is basically a celebratory look at what can be achieved through cooking with cannabis and how this goes far beyond simply throwing it in a brownie and hoping for the best.

The episodes clock in at around 30 minutes or so and with only 6 to get through, this is a very easy series to throw on and chill to. The rigid structure to each episode makes things simplistic enough to get invested while the chilled vibe is a welcome change of pace from the manic, frenzied rush of things like Hell’s Kitchen (ironically one of the guests even comments on this late on).

Cooked With Cannabis is simply a really enjoyable show to watch. The innovative manner cannabis is used through the different dishes and some of the technicality displayed really helps the show pop. While the final episode is arguably one of the weakest, with a few questionable dishes lacking pizzazz, these are easily overshadowed by some of the better offerings here, like the episode involving futuristic food. If you’re in the mood for a cooking show with a twist, don’t be put off by the title on this one; Cooked With Cannabis is deceptively good and regardless of your thoughts on marijuana, well worth watching.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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