Conversations with Friends – Episode 7 “Moving In” Recap & Review

Moving In

Episode 7 of Conversations with Friends begins with Nick and Frances video chatting. She suggests he visit her when he gets back from Croatia.

Bobbi’s parents are getting a divorce, so she prepares to move out, and Frances offers her spare room. She moves in and apologizes about being judgmental about Nick. When Frances asks her, Bobbi says it’s fine if he comes over.

Nick comes over to Frances’ apartment often once he gets back. He wonders if it’s strange for Bobbi, seeing her with him. He also calls what they have a “relationship,” which makes Frances happy.

Frances and Bobbi later run into Melissa at a bookstore and get coffee with her. Melissa says she hasn’t seen Nick so relaxed in a long time. He’s actually on his way to meet her, so Frances makes her exit.

Afterward, Bobbi tells her that didn’t feel good. Melissa is still her friend. Frances knows that, but she doesn’t know what to do. She continues to sleep with Nick, but is less starry-eyed about it after her interaction with Melissa.

Frances tells Nick she feels he doesn’t have a vulnerable personality, though she knows that’s not true.  She can’t imagine him worrying what others think of him. “I care what you think of me,” he says. He’s not intentionally trying to be hard to read, which Frances relates to. People often find her cold, and Bobbi thinks she withholds her emotions.

Frances wonders aloud if their affair makes him feel bad when he’s with Melissa. He thinks he should tell his wife, but he doesn’t want to leave her.

She worries she’ll tell him to stop seeing her, but he says that’s just another risk. She agrees that he should do it, then.

Frances and Bobbi throw a party for their friends. Afterward, Frances tells Bobbi about Nick’s desire to come clean with Melissa after the launch. Bobbi thinks this means he’s serious about her.

Frances admits that she’s falling for Nick. Bobbi looks at her for a long time before declaring she’s happy for her.

The Episode Review

Midway through the series, Conversations with Friends starts to lag in its storytelling. It’s refreshing to see Frances’ conscience pricked, but the character disappoints when her reaction is completely passive.

We’re being taken on a slow progression through this romance, but every one of Frances’ and Nick’s conversations implies that their affair will meet fiery resistance from Melissa.

Will Nick actually tell Melissa about their relationship? And could she simply turn out to be as laid back as she seems?

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