Conversations with Friends – Episode 4 “Croatia” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Conversations with Friends begins with Melissa picking up Frances and Bobbi after their flight. She brings them to the house in Croatia, where she and Nick are also hosting friends named Evelyn and Derek.

Bobbi asks Frances how bad her crush on Nick is, but she avoids answering. As for herself and Melissa, Bobbi doesn’t think anything else will happen between them.

Everyone at the house gets along well, though Frances is largely quiet. Bobbi says her “whole silent thing” makes everyone think she’s “enigmatic and interesting.”

Frances asks Nick if it’s awkward that she’s on his vacation with him. He replies that it’s good to see her and apologizes for how he handled their parting.

Frances later wakes up in the middle of the night. She goes down to the kitchen for water and runs into Nick. When she asks after Melissa, he reveals that they stay in different rooms.

The next day, Frances’ dad calls her. He’s drunk, just like every time he phones her Frances talks through her feelings about her dad with Nick. She doesn’t care much about the relationship, but he gives her money for college. She just wishes he didn’t have such a weird hold on her.

“Sometimes people just like to feel needed,” Nick says, adding that she’s not horrible for feeling the way she does.

Bobbi wants to go on a hike with Frances, just the two of them. She finds a trail for them, but Frances changes her mind and decides to stay, as Nick is staying at the house as well. She goes to look for him at the pool, but he’s left, so she starts writing.

Frances then runs into Melissa, who asks how her writing is going. Melissa tells her not to push herself too hard. She says they love having people there, Nick especially. Nick was “wrecked” when he first got here, but he’s cheered up since they arrived. “It’s good to see.”

When Bobbi returns, Frances tells her she should have gone with her. “Yeah, you should’ve,” she says.

They play a drinking game that night, and Bobbi makes up a rule that they all have to kiss the person on their left if they say someone’s name. Frances and Nick sit next to each other.

Frances texts Nick that night to apologize for Bobbi’s behavior. He says he wanted to kiss her and hopes it wasn’t too obvious. She asks if they can continue their conversation in person. He comes to her room.

They both had thought the other wanted nothing to do with them. Frances says he never appears enthusiastic, which makes her doubt herself. “Frances,” he says. “I want you so much.”

The Episode Review

This episode perfectly  encapsulates that feeling of trepidation when entering into a new relationship: of reading so much into every statement and every silence.

Every moment between Frances and Nick is bloated with unsaid feelings. And, because the show leaves so much up to the imagination, it forces us as viewers into the same position as the lovers, overthinking each interaction, or lack thereof.

The stay in Croatia sees Frances putting her new relationship over her friendship with Bobbi. Meanwhile, her romance with Nick escalates as they steal glances and sleep together while Melissa is in the same house. Can they keep their secret? And can Frances avoid a falling out with her best friend?

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