Conversations with Friends – Episode 3 “Affair” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Conversations with Friends begins with Frances going to see Nick. She tells him she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker or hurt his marriage. According to him, his marriage has already survived affairs–just not his own.

With that, she invites him upstairs, where they have sex. She starts crying, but laughs it off. It’s happened before, she says, with Bobbi, who says it’s a symptom of her repressed nature. They laugh. “I can’t believe we just did that,” he says. She tells him she’s never had sex with a man before.

They hang out afterwards and eventually part ways. 

That night, Frances invites Bobbi over to watch a movie, saying she can choose. She wants to watch one of Nick’s films, but that makes Bobbie uncomfortable.

They get into an argument. Bobbi insists it wouldn’t be ogling to watch him. It’s not like they’re friends; they know Nick because he’s married to someone interesting. When Frances scoffs at this, Bobbi realizes she likes him. When she voices this, Frances gets defensive and accuses Bobbi of being jealous.

Nick invites Frances over again. After sex, he tells her about how he and Melissa met in London. Frances talks about her relationship with Bobbi. They met at school; Bobbi “chose” her despite her unpopularity. She can’t say exactly how their fling ended. He’s the first person she’s been with since Bobbi.

Frances later sees Nick in town, walking on the street with a woman and baby. She asks him if he has a secret second family, but it was just his sister and niece.

Nick then tells her he’ll be away for the summer in Croatia. She asks what happens next. “I don’t know.” He says they’ll have to wait and see. 

Bobbi texts Frances an apology for embarrassing her about her crush on Nick. But she also says it was wrong for Frances to accuse her of being jealous, claiming it devalues their friendship. Does she really rank some “passing sexual interest” over their own relationship?

Nick’s texts to Frances, meanwhile, are short and to the point. She texts to ask him if they are still having an affair or if it’s over. He calls her in response, but doesn’t give her a satisfying answer. He then messages her, “I’m sorry. I didn’t express myself well. I get stressed talking to you sometimes.”

Frances finally responds to Bobbi to apologize. She felt defensive and wanted to make her angry. Bobbi forgives her.

They meet for coffee, which Melissa unexpectedly shows up to. She wants to use a quote from Frances’ poem ‘Diamonds’ in her upcoming book. She offers to send Frances the essay she wants to put it in so she can think it over.

Melissa then says that her agent has a house in Croatia and lets them use it for the summer. She invites the two of them to come and stay with them, but Frances has to think about it.

Bobbi pressures her to go with her to Croatia, so Frances texts Nick to assure him she won’t make a scene. To her chagrin, he simply responds, “ok. cool. see you there.”

The Episode Review

For a show titled Conversations with Friends, its characters rarely talk. They do leave quite the impression, however.

Conversations uses the briefest of interactions–punctuated more by breaths and looks and hesitations than actual words–to paint its characters in broad strokes. As a result, there is much room for interpretation. In the lack of showing, we create in our own minds who these characters are.

The show, then, is enjoyable–if you’re willing to fill in those gaps yourself.

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