Control Z Season 2 Ending Explained – Who dies at the end?

Control Z Season 2 Plot Synopsis

Directly following on from the first season, the story of Control Z Season 2 sees the school rocked with the news of Luis’ death. With Gerry pinned as public enemy number 1 and Raul shunned by everyone following his antics at the NONA, a much more hostile school year lies ahead. So predictably everything goes wrong when a new hacker shows up.

Calling themselves the “avenger”, this guy (or girl) sets out to avenge Luis’ death. They demand Gerry be brought to them, starting up a bloodthirsty lust for revenge. These bouts of revenge manifest in some pretty shocking ways, and hang an uneasy sense of dread over proceedings as no one appears safe from this maniacal justice warrior.

What is the significance of Luis’ sketches?

During episode 7, we learned a little more about Luis and his drawings. During school, Luis found comfort in drawing numerous different students. However, he took a specific interest to Gerry. Gerry actually really liked the sketch Luis drew for him. However, Gerry’s homophobic Father is less than impressed and calls his son out for being a homosexual.

Anyway, it’s Alex who suggested he spice up the pictures and give them a more menacing edge. She encouraged him to draw a gnarly spider, and this is what started Luis’ slew of sketches depicting different students being punished.

The only sketch that isn’t acted on, thanks to Sofia and Raul’s quick wits and thinking, is one depicting a group of people being hung.

Is Sofia’s father alive?

Although there were hints of it during season 1, this follow-up reveals that Sofia’s Father is well and truly alive. He pretended to be dead so that Nora could benefit from the insurance money and live comfortably with Sofia.

Despite being on the run, Sofia guards the secret from her Mother until Raul’s leak last season made it public.

The police raid Nora’s house, with a lot of their personal belongings confiscated too. On the back of this, Nora meets her husband out at a restaurant and encourages him to turn himself in. This sees Sofia’s Father behind bars for insurance fraud and paying for his crime.

Who is the avenger?

During the final episode we learn that Alex is the avenger. She holds Gerry up at gunpoint and forces him to post an apology video to Luis. Despite his best attempts, Alex is unsatisfied with this outcome and runs a poll across social media instead. This question relates to whether Gerry should kill himself or not. Unfortunately, the poll is in favour of him dying.

Just before Gerry jumps, Sofia and Javi get involved and talk Alex out of this madness. Susana sees this take place too and rushes up to the roof.

It turns out Alex was doing all this to avenge Luis’ death and get revenge on those who have wronged him in his life. She used his sketches as a basis for this, exacting revenge on the different students in Luis’s name.

Given it was Alex who convinced Luis to share his drawing with Gerry, she feels partly responsible for what happened to her friend after this series of events. On top of that, when Gabriela broke up with her, Alex lost the one person in her life left serving as a rock.

Eventually though, Sofia manages to convince Alex not to pursue this vengeful quest and turn away.

Does Natalia pay back the dealers?

No, by the end of the season Natalia still hasn’t paid back her debts. She owes a significant amount of money to the dealers and even though Javi gives her a box full of cash, it’s still not enough to pay them back.

It could well be that there’s a compounded interest that’s just making this debt worse. Either way, the money in Luis’ locker looks like it could be a way out for her.

Only, when Pablo is seen snatching up the notes and taking off at the end of the season, it throws a big spanner in the works around her fate. This is one subplot left unresolved.

Is Susana dead?

As the season ends, a scuffle atop the school roof ends with Susana plunging down to her doom. She’s not moving and appears to have cracked her skull. A puddle of oozing blood and a motionless expression on her face seems to hint as such too.

However, Susana’s fate also throws big question marks over who was responsible. Given Sofia, Javi, Raul, Gerry and Alex were all up on the roof, did any of them push her? Or was this a complete accident? We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out. Much like the first season, season 2 ends on a big ol’ cliffhanger.


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