‘Control Z’ Season 3 Ending Explained – Who’s blackmailing Sofi and the others?


What happened leading up to the finale?

Control Z’s third season picks up after the events of the season 2 finale. With the big scuffle up on the rooftop, Principal Susana falls to her doom and is lying on the floor, dead. Season 3 picks up right where we left off, jumping between the events this night and at school some time in the future.

Javi and Sofia are close, frequenting escape rooms together (important bit of foreshadowing for this episode!) while Raul is throwing parties. Maria and Natalia have left town while the other characters from the previous seasons are still lurking about.

The drama really begins with Raul receiving a “gift” from a drone that flies down during his rooftop party. Inside, is a note reading “Do you think I’d forget?” and an incriminating polaroid photo. Not only that, but the other kids receive another message from @allyoursecrets, teasing the events from the night Susana died. Who sent all this? And why?

As the season progresses, Raul is kidnapped and sends a video message out, taking the blame for everything and claiming that he’s the real @Allyoursecrets. Everyone is convinced – except for Sofia. She believes he’s being blackmailed and immediately sets to work finding out what’s going on.

Who is the real @Allyoursecrets? Who is blackmailing the kids?

As Sofia ventures out for some help, she relies on Bruno for his expertise. It’s here where the truth is revealed. It turns out he’s the blackmailer and the one sending them the threatening messages. His anger and disdain for Raul stems from him taking the blame for everything in the past in exchange for Raul giving him money and keeping him safe in prison. When Raul failed to honour his side of the deal, Bruno was beaten down.

When he was finally let go from prison, he was banned from using the internet and struggled to find work, given no one wants to hire an ex-convict. Bruno ignored that and decided to hack Raul’s phone. There, he saw the picture of Susana and all the messages between the kids. He also learns exactly who moved the body.

Who moved Susana’s body?

Harking back to earlier in the season – incase you missed it – it turns out it was Javi’s father, Damian that moved Susana’s body. Despite her being dead out on the pavement, Javi drugged Sofia to knock her out and worked with Damian to cover up the crime scene. It was wiped clean and all the blood was washed away.

As for Susana, Damian moved her body back home to make it look like a suicide and prevent his son from being blamed for any wrongdoing.

Who kidnapped Raul?

As Sofia learns the truth, she remains sceptical around certain parts of Bruno’s story. As the guy continues on, he admits that he vented his frustrations on a forum known as “No Impunity”, calling out Raul by name. He gained many followers who empathized with his injustices and felt the same way with moments from their own life.

As Bruno mentions, “It’s easy to light a match. But the problem is when you have to extinguish the fire.” Asa result, all of Bruno’s followers took matters into their own hands. Raul was kidnapped and taken to a dangerous neighbourhood. And, in particular a locked compound. A compound that Sofia breaks into at the end of episode 7.

Does Gerry realize something is amiss with Sofia?

So episode 8 of Control Z Season 3 starts with Sofia waking up to find herself with Raul, having been captured at the end of the previous episode. Sofia lets Raul know that Bruno is behind everything.

While they remain trapped, Gerry is distracted by the messages he’s received from Raul last episode. He suspects foul play, especially when Sofia messages after claiming, “I can’t talk right now. Let’s talk later, babe.” Gerry points out that Sofi never uses the word “babe” and that something is seriously wrong.

Thankfully, the guys have figured out a clue. After uncovering the No Impunity forum, they find the links leading back to Sofia and Raul. Quintanilla rings while they’re en-route to this compound, asking just where they are. The kids stall for time – given it’s the night of their graduation – and claim Sofia is in a spot of trouble.

Do Raul and Sofia escape?

Speaking of time, Raul and Sofia work together, harking back to that earlier escape room opener in episode 1 to thwart their captors. They cover up the CCTV camera and break free from their cell, desperate to communicate with the outside world. They’re not alone though, as Guero is also locked up too. The pair quickly break him out of his cell.

The trio scramble together while Javi and the others smash through the front gates and break into the compound too. However, there are bigger problems afoot. Guero, Sofia and Raul find three chairs that each have their names on. Guero is livid and determined to make them pay.

While they argue, they’re interrupted by a live broadcast from the graduation. The incriminating video has been leaked, thanks to Ernesto putting the USB drive into the laptop. Within this, the video looks set to show what really happened to Susana.

How does Sofia stop Bruno and his followers?

The laptop at the graduation short-circuits, thanks to Alex spilling wine over the laptop and stopping it from playing the video. Guero, Sofia and Raul are not so lucky. Guero sees the full video projected up on the screen regarding his wife’s death. He’s livid. With a baseball bat in hand, he turns on the others.

All of the masked thugs show up and surround them though, but it’s Gerry and Nati who come to the rescue. Guero pins down Gerry, Nat smacks him upside the head.

In Guero’s unconscious state, Sofia speaks up and tries to extinguish the fire that Bruno has started. Sofia turns the heat back to Bruno, encouraging all his followers to take their masks off . The only one left is Bruno. It turns out Bruno was actually blackmailing all of these guys all this time.

Sofia promises not to tell anyone and to keep their secrets, causing these guys to all turn on Bruno, who tries in vain to control his “followers.” While they’re distracted, Sofia and Javi rush away.

Do Sofia and the other kids admit the truth?

The kids all show up at National School for the graduation just like before. With the nightmare finally over, Sofia gives her speech, discussing the friends they’ve all made along the way and the sacrifices they’ve all had to make. A lot has happened across these three seasons and now, finally, the kids are ready to face the music. And that comes from Sofia admitting to the horrific truth they’ve been keeping secret all this time.

Around Sofia’s speech, we also cut to the police station, where we see each of the kids give their statements about what happened to Susana. Although none of them are arrested, they all do community service.

How does Control Z season 3 end?

A few months pass and everyone puts the past behind them. Sofia heads out with Javi and he can’t help but shake that @allyoursecret’s plan was to break them up all this time. He deduces that the real blackmailer wasn’t Bruno after all but actually Raul.

Sofia shrugs it off, claiming it’s a wild theory, and walks away. Outside, she gets on a bike with Raul and decides not to tell him what Javi was referencing, driving through the city.

The Episode Review

So Control Z bows out with a conclusive final chapter that brings this mystery to a close. In a way, this third season has essentially re-tread familiar ground, with another mystery and another case for Sofia to investigate.

The ending certainly leaves things on an ambiguous note but it’s fair to say that the characters have finally come to terms with what happened to Susana and decided to actually tell the truth and face the consequences for their actions…even if that was just a few months of community service.

Ironically it almost makes the season’s events feel a bit farcical given they could have just done this in the first place and saved themselves a lot of hassle!

Despite that, the mystery has been relatively good although much like last season, the whole thing is padded out with plenty of soapy drama. This time we get a subplot involving Gerry and Bernando, another involving the theatre teacher and his shenanigans, along with the usual “guess who” antics surrounding who the blackmailer actually is.

Control Z has always been a show that’s lived and died by its unique slant on social media and interweaving that around telenovela-esque teen drama. This season is no exception, although some of the drama feels very similar to Elite,  especially the framing of the flashes earlier on to the police station.

With all that in mind, the ending does wrap everything up neatly enough, with a conclusive chapter to this Mexican series.


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