Control Z – Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

The Ultimate Revenge

Episode 8 of Control Z Season 2 begins with Javi upset and angry at Natalia. After the incident involving Damian, he tells her to leave. The trouble is, this is the final day Natalia has to pay the dealers back. And that’s ultimately going to cause a world of trouble.

Meanwhile, Raul confronts Pablo about his true emotions. It’s clear Pablo has real feelings for Isabella but he doesn’t have the guts to actually open up and admit the truth. After thinking about it some more, he smacks Raul in the face and leaves.

When he does, Gerry shows and hands over his watch to Raul. He’s leaving, and decided to hand himself in. Raul however, suggests that he text the avenger and bring whoever this is out in the open so they can get to the bottom of the mystery.

Predictably, this backfires as Gerry is forced to take an Uber over to the school. And the meeting place? Up on the glass roof of course.

At the hospital, Sofi wakes up. Nora races in to greet her, demanding to know who did this. When Javi shows, Sofi reveals that she never actually took the pills and faked the whole thing to make it look like she’s fallen for the avenger’s plan.

Everything comes together at the school as the identity of the avenger becomes clear. It was Alex. As she holds a gun to Gerry, everything starts to come undone. She throws over the sketch of Gerry that Luis drew for him and forces the guy to open his phone and record a story. Within this, Gerry promises to repent for his actions with his life.

A gunshot ricochets through the air, prompting Susana (who’s downstairs in her office) to start investigating. Before she can make it upstairs, Sofi and Javi show up and try to talk Alex out of this. With Gerry on the edge of the roof, Sofi talks her out of shooting. Alex isn’t a murderer, she just wants everyone to feel as guilty as she does over Luis’ death. Alex finally stops and sobs uncontrollably on Sofia’s shoulder.

While this is going on, Nat is held hostage by the dealers. The man in charge rings Maria and tells her he needs to pay up before he’ll even consider releasing the girl. This inevitably sees Maria scramble to grab the money from Luis’ locker. It turns out Javi was the one who revealed its location to Nat and Maria.

Speaking of which, Javi shows up on the roof and grabs the gun, holding it up to Gerry. Everyone starts to scuffle with the gun until the camera cuts to the ground floor. A sickening thud echoes through the air. Susana has dropped to her doom. But was this an accident? Or did someone push her? Well, Pablo snatches up a whole stack of cash lying around her and takes off.

The Episode Review

Control Z ends on another big cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next. In the meantime, we do find out who the avenger is and the loose motivations around this. Alex has been feeling guilty about Luis and that’s what drove her to orchestrate this whole shindig. But how did she hack the kids’ phones? Is she using the WiFi again? You’d think the school would have tightened that up.

Elsewhere, Sofia’s statement about Alex not being a murderer doesn’t quite hold up either. Unless I’m mistaken, didn’t she try to burn down Luis’ house while his Mother was still inside? If that wasn’t her then does it mean there’s someone else out there? Having said that though, the twist itself that Alex was the one responsible all this time is a good on and certainly sets things up for a tense season 3. If this one is renewed, of course.

The second season hasn’t quite been as endearing as the first, but it’s been an enjoyable one nonetheless. There’s been a lot of contrivances and a few subplots that have gone absolutely nowhere though, which both drag down the story – and the overall score.

Despite that, if this one is renewed, we could well be looking at another intriguing mystery.

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