Control Z – Season 2 Episode 7 “Control Z” Recap & Review

Control Z

Episode 7 of Control Z Season 2 sees us shift back in time as we see Luis at school He constantly sketches key characters from school.

Back in the present, Sofi brings these finished sketches to her Father in prison. Maybe he’ll have a new take on this. Anyway, all of these sketches appear to be hallmarks for revenge and humiliation – minus one. This happens to be Raul who, according to these sketches anyway, is just depicted as having his money taken away.

Sofi returns home to Raul and the pair inevitably sleep together again. However, Quintanilla shows up at his door and calls Raul out for his blackmailing. Sofia happens to overhear them on the intercom though. This leads to an inevitable fall-out between the pair, as Sofi is livid at Raul lying to him. She’s also angry at Quintanilla too, giving him an ultimatum; tell Nora or she will.

Meanwhile, Damian agrees to cough up the funds and give Natalia what she needs. Only, there’s a catch. She will need to show up at his place with Maria that evening. It’s creepy and more than a little unnerving but the pair agree to the terms.

Sofi eventually takes the sketches to Alex, asking for her opinion. It turns out she actually encouraged Luis to spice up his pictures – especially the one involving that spider. Luis also drew a sketch for Gerry too, who actually held it in high esteem. He even showed his parents. Unfortunately Gerry’s Father is completely homophobic and accuses his son of being gay. This inevitably caused him to become really uncomfortable.

In the present, Susana shows up in class with Mr Guero as bags are searched to see if there’s any flammable material present. Lockers are searched too, although Sofi decides to use Raul’s blackmailed tape against Susana. Or, well, she at least hints that way. She does, however, act on a new idea that comes to her.

Gerry shows up to see Marta. He bears the brunt of abuse before the pair eventually hug it out in understanding. It turns out Gerry returned Luis’ sketch at class and decided to team up with Ernesto and Dario to bully the kid. It’s obvious Gerry is holding back his true feelings but it’s enough to completely break Luis. This is reason enough in the present for Gerry to decide he’s going to turn himself in.

In the present, Sofi snatches up the keys to Luis’ locker and takes a look inside. A duffel bag holding wads of notes hints that there’s more going on here than we initially thought. Anyway, a tense encounter with Javi not long after leads nowhere, so Sofi heads off to see Rosita at the bar with her boys instead.

Meanwhile, Pablo sneaks into Raul’s place and starts beating him to a pulp,. While he does, we hard cut across to Nat and Maria. They show up at Damian’s and decide to record the whole incident. All three sit on the sofa but unfortunately their phone is running low on battery and it’s not actually recording. Javi shows up though and sees Damian, immediately hitting out and angry.

Back at Raul’s, Pablo continues to beat the kid. He wants a confession but the reality is  Raul isn’t ready to do that right now. Instead, what we do get is confirmation that Sofi is the next victim. After popping one of her pills at the diner, she realizes she’s been spiked and collapses in a heap on the ground.

The Episode Review

The plot continues to thicken and it becomes increasingly difficult to work out who’s actually the avenger. It still seems like Raul may be the one responsible but then again we’ve also got Gerry, Luis, Rosita, Javi or even someone like Susana. I’m sure we’ll find out in the next episode!

For now, the penultimate chapter sets everything up nicely for the finale to come. Sure, the show does tend to throw in a heavy dose of contrivance. There’s also an embarrassing amount of bad investigative work here too. Underneath that though is a pretty gripping whodunit that keeps things enticing.

While this season definitely feels like a step down compared to the first, there’s enough here to like nonetheless. Roll on the finale!

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