Control Z – Season 2 Episode 4 “Nothing To Hide” Recap & Review

Nothing To Hide

Episode 4 of Control Z Season 2 begins with all the kids reeling and down at the hospital. Maria is not in a good way. The doctors are currently pumping her stomach and it seems she’ll be out of it for a while. However, Pablo finds his world come crashing down when the doctor reveals that Maria actually isn’t pregnant.

Back at school, Susana starts the new day with some brand new rules. Everyone is forced to open up their bags for inspection while public displays of affection are completely out the window too. Wait, is this Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter?  She certainly lays down the law though, and it’ll be interesting to see how that ties in with Raul and the other kids in the coming episodes.

When Sofi shows up at school, she’s not in the mood to hear Javi’s excuses. Part of this comes from the bombshell reveal just prior to this. In the car to school, Nora confirms that her Dad has shown up and turned himself in; he’s currently in prison.

Suddenly, a van rocks up at school and throws Natalia out. Apparently she was snatched up the previous night but she has no knowledge of what happened beyond the fact that this ‘Avenger’ – whoever this is – grabbed her.

Sofia deduces that Natalia knew who the attacker was and her heel broke from backing up away from them. Her ripped dress is also another clue that points toward this. But does it really? There’s a number of different explanations for this but okay fine, let’s go with it.

Meanwhile, Ernesto and Dario decide to team up in order to sleep with Rosita. At the same time, Pipe and Gerry wind up getting very friendly only text, quickly leading on to sexting together. However, another message from the hacker bleeds through to everyone at school and beyond with a simple three word manta: “Give me Gerry.”

On the back of their time together, Natalia leans on Javi for help. He questions his Father about business matters, as it seems like Javi is going to try and Natalia pay off her debts. However, he refuses to lend him any money for now. Still, it doesn’t stop Javi heading down to see Natalia later in the day. his time when the pair kiss, they actually do so in a rather romantic manner.

Pablo continues to reel over the news about Maria. He shows up at her house and demands to know what happened. He believes Claudia convinced her to have an abortion. Speak of the devil, Claudia suddenly rocks up and things instantly become awkward.

The pair turn and walk away, shutting the door in his face. As the two discuss what happened, it’s clear Maria is feeling guilty about lying to Pablo.

Sofi shows up at the prison to see her Father. It’s a brief chat in truth, and one that ends with her handing over a book to help with passing the time. With her Daddy issues starting to get better, Sofi sets out to uncover just who the Avenger is. She heads straight over to Raul’s, deducing that Gerry is staying there. However, he’s not in the building and seems to have gone missing. Where could he be?

The Episode Review

Whatever’s going on, it seems Gerry is front and center of this ‘Avenger’ issue. And just who is this guy? There’s lot of possible suspects, but for now it remains unknown quite who that is.

What is clear however, are the character dynamic shifts this season. Javi and Natalia hooking up is a big point, although the latter is still drowning in debt and desperate to make money any way she can. Could this just be part of a long game con job?

As the episode closes out we also see that Natalia is signing up for some sort of escort site too, reinforcing just how desperate she is to pay off her debts.

Anyway, Sofi’s powers of deductions continue to be hilariously contrived with the broken heel and ripped dress observations. This is, of course, something that spills over from season 1 too but it’s still worth bearing in mind here too.

With Gerry missing and the kids caught up in this whole Avenger ordeal, the second half of this show looks set to kick it up a notch.

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