Connection (K-drama) Story Recap – Who Killed Jun-seo?

Connection Introduction 

Connection is a crime thriller that follows Jang Jae-kyeong, a detective on the drug task force at Anhyeon Police Station. To maintain a successful career, he has kept to himself and upheld his principles. However, after a tragedy, he becomes a drug addict.

In a bid to redeem himself, Jae-kyeong forms an unlikely alliance with Oh Yoon-jin, a tenacious investigative journalist. Together, they embark on a mission to expose the deep-rooted corruption in Anhyeon. Their journey begins with the investigation of Jun-seo’s death, a high school friend and the mysterious insurance money he left behind.

What is Jae-kyung’s connection to the new drug case?

Jae-kyung, Jun-seo, Yoon-jin,  Tae-jin, Jong-soo,  Chi-hyeon, Joo-song and Yoon-ho all attended the same high school.

For the most part, Jae-kyung and Jung-seo were friendly and even had a code “1882” to signal if one of them was in danger. Unfortunately, something happened when the two were still in high school. Based on the episodes we have seen so far, it seems like Jun-seo lied about what happened to protect Tae-jin and Jong-soo.

Twenty years later, Jun-seo randomly shows up in front of Jae-kyung to beg for forgiveness. By this time, Jae-kyung is a seasoned detective in the narcotic units. Once again, he refuses to forgive Jun-seo even when the latter promises to make things right.  

Later that night, as Jae-kyung celebrates his new commendation with his team, he receives a message from someone called the Doctor. However, what is strange is the message is the distress code only he and Jun-seo know.

The message also adds a location pin. Sadly, before Jae-kyung can get to Jun-seo, he is kidnapped for three days. He wakes up feeling disoriented at the subway. It turns out his kidnappers got him addicted to the latest drug.

On the other hand, Jun-seo is dead; he apparently killed himself by jumping off a storey building. But given everything that has happened, Jae-kyung thinks this was straight-up murder. However, the players at hand are powerful and going against them won’t be easy, especially now that he is a drug addict.

Thankfully, he has Yoo-jin and Joo-song who were named as  Jun-seo’s insurance beneficiaries in his will. The three of them team up to find the hidden truths surrounding Jun-seo’s death

How does the past play into Jun-seo’s death?

It seems like Jun-seo found some damning information about Jong-soo’s pharmaceutical company, and he was killed for it. However, at the moment, Jae-kyung and  Yoo-jin keep running into a wall.

Every time they get a lead, something happens to them. Point in case, when Jae-kyung started looking into surveillance cameras around the storey house that Jun-seo allegedly jumped off, the only man who helped them was killed by Yoon-ho.

For the drug case, the police chief and the lead detective are working for Jong-soo and Tae-jin. Tae-jin is using his influence as a prosecutor to enable Jong-soo and his friends’ criminal activities. They all have a stake in Jung-soo’s future and will stop at nothing to ensure he becomes the Chairman of his dad’s pharmaceutical company.

Each one of them is hiding a secret, and it is hard to tell if they all killed Jun-seo together. Nonetheless, we know they all had motives to want him dead and get his money. Even his wife was having an affair with Tae-jin. It is sad to think about it, but Jun-seo was surrounded by deadly vultures.

What about the drugs?

This is still a mystery. We are yet to uncover the motive behind the Doctor’s decision to come for Jae-kyung. He still sends Jae-kyung enough drugs to get him through the day. This only serves to get Jae-kyung more addicted, even as he tries his best to fight against it.

If his addiction is revealed, Jae-kyung will not only lose his job, but he won’t be able to find who killed Jun-seo. Thankfully, a member of his team, Chang-soo, is secretly covering for Jae-kyung. Based on what we have learned about the Doctor so far, he is neither an ally nor an enemy.

They are leading Jae-kyung to find some leads, but they certainly don’t make it easy. We can’t help but wonder if the Doctor is using Jae-kyung to get rid of Keumhyung Pharmaceuticals. It will be interesting to see how this mystery unfolds in the next episode!

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