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Where do the Connects live?

Episode 6 of Connect starts with Mr Kim talking to a private investigator who is tailing Yi-rang. She enters an abandoned theme park and turns on the carousel ride in the centre of the park. The investigator is talking to Mr Kim as he enters the park and stops to look for Yi-rang who can’t be seen. 

She sneaks up behind the man and immediately knocks him out. Yi-rang continually stabs the man with a knife and smashes his phone as Mr Kim listens. He talks to his right-hand man and tells him that Yi-rang was away from Dong-soo and any other Connects. 

The two men conclude that they should keep the information about the Connects to their benefit and not tell their higher-ups about it.  The police look at the footage of a man kidnapping Z and Park assumes that it is Dong-soo since the man was wearing a baseball cap and glasses. 

Detective Choi claims that it is Jin-seop and asks the cops to look into the office worker. Yi-rang goes inside the amusement park and talks to a giant creature called Gi-deun. She tells him that they will soon be able to leave the shit-hole of an amusement park and live freely. Gi-deun starts growling as he hears this. 

Where does Jin-seop take Dong-soo?

Jin-seop takes Dong-soo tied to a wheelchair into his surgical room. The old man seen at the end of the previous episode is the doctor and Jin-seop has hung him up as an ongoing art project. Jin-seop claims that using the human body as s medium creates amazing artwork. 

Dong-soo asks Jin-seop to let Z go and asks him to stop killing innocents. Jin-seop claims that both he and Dong-soo are considered to be monsters in the real world but they are actually very different from each other. He states that he had an insignificant life as a human but wanted to transcend into something people would remember but Dong-soo is wasting away his power as a Connect by living in hiding. 

Jin-seop suggests two of them should live as one with Jin-seop acquiring Dong-soo’s body but the humanoid finds it absurd. Dong-soo asks Jin-seop to let Z go since he came to see him as per their deal. Jin-seop states that he will be starting their experiment now and brings Z out. Z too is in a wheelchair and has been brutally assaulted by Jin-seop. Dong-soo apologises to the singer for what happened to him because of his association with Dong-soo. 

What is Jin-seop’s experiment?

Z is zoned out and cannot understand what Dong-soo is saying. Jin-seop interrupts the conversation and begins his experiment. He chops off Dong-soo’s pinky finger and the creature inside his body starts trying to rejoin with the rest of Dong-soo’s body. Jin-seop picks it up and chops the same finger off Z’s body.

He then attaches Dong-soo’s finger to Z’s body. Z is shocked by the experiment but Jin-seop states that this wasn’t the end. He then attaches Z’s finger to Dong-soo’s hand and is amused to see how Dong-soo’s body accepted the alien finger as its own. Jin-seop states that calling Dong-soo a monster was stupid because Connects were something one should marvel at.

Dong-soo asks Jin-seop to let Z go now that he was here. Jin-seop states that he will only do so if Dong-soo agrees to merge bodies with him. Z is shocked by the conversation. Jin-seop threatens that he will be using Z as one of his next projects.

What does Yi-rang do to the gangsters?

Yi-rang arrives at the gangster’s den with Gi-deun and sets the giant up to hunt the thugs. One of the thugs calls Gi-deun a monster and Yi-rang jokes that he shouldn’t have set him off like that. Both Gi-deun and Yi-rang start killing the gangsters while Mr Kim’s right-hand man sneaks away.

Gi-deun kills Mr Kim while Yi-rang fights off the right-hand man. Seeing him attack Yi-rang, Gi-deun takes over and beheads the man with his bare hands. The detectives get a phone call about some more photos from Woo-jin’s camera.

Detective Choi gets a severe nosebleed looking at the photo and it seems to be a picture of the entryway to Jin-seop’s surgery room. They call for the SWAT team as a backup to reach the location.

What does Jin-seop do to Dong-soo and Z?

Meanwhile, Jin-seop has put Dong-soo in the freezer. He is unconscious but recalls being beaten up by Jin-seop when he refused his proposal. Dong-soo wakes up in the freezer and sees that Z was there as well. Z had not died yet but was freezing. Dong-soo is relieved to see him alive. Z apologises for getting involved in the case and adding to Dong-soo’s share of responsibilities.

Dong-soo blames himself for what happened to Z but the singer takes the blame on himself before dying right in front of Dong-soo’s eyes. Dong-soo weeps and thanks Z for taking notice of a small artist like him. He is filled with rage now as he recalls what Jin-seop did to Z. He breaks free of the handcuffs on the wheelchair as his hands break off at the wrist.

Once free from the chair, they latch back onto Dong-soo’s body. Jin-seop is in the surgery room and is shocked to hear the sounds of Dong-soo trying to open the freezer door. Yi-rang and Gi-deun arrive at Jin-seop’s surgery room. She asks the giant to rest for a while and goes inside after hearing loud thuds. 

Who comes to save Dong-soo from inside the freezer?

Dong-soo is getting tired from being unable to break the door but is glad when he hears Yi-rang call out for him. She tries to break open the door but Jin-seop finds her outside the door and attacks her. He learns that Yi-rang too is a Connect when the cut on her hand heals instantly.

Jin-seop asks her if the abilities of a connect be passed down through generations too but she tells him that she was curious about that too. She mocks Jin-seop by saying that he wanted to take Dong-soo’s body and make a baby with her or take her body and make a baby with Dong-soo.

He leaves the decision up to her but Yi-rang states that she only wants to see Jin-seop die right there. Jin-seop says he’ll leave that up to fate and the two individuals fight off. The two fight for a bit but neither is able to defeat the other while Dong-soo is still in the freezer. 

What does Detective Choi do to Gi-deun and Yi-rang?

The cops arrive outside the surgery room and Jin-seop leaves the place upon hearing them. Yi-rang helps free Dong-soo from the freezer and tells him that Jin-seop had fled from the scene because they heard someone arrive. Yi-rang leaves Dong-soo to finish Jin-seop and leaves him stating that the future must be changed. 

Detective Choi enters the location and finds Gi-deun. The giant starts to attack him but falls off when Choi shoots Gi-deun. Park hears the loud noise and starts to enter the place when Jin-seop kills him by shoving his sword up the cop’s neck. Jin-seop picks up Detective Park’s pistol while Gi-deun wakes up after his gunshot wound is healed.

Choi is shocked to learn that the giant is a Connect too. Gi-deun pushes Choi and Yi-rang arrives at the scene. She tells the cop that they will have to get rid of him because he knew a lot already. Choi asks if she was a Connect too and wonders if Jin-seop and Dong-soo were here with them.

Yi-rang claims that knowing this did not matter because the detective was going to die anyway. He responds by saying wanted to uncover the truth because he was a detective. Yi-rang states that she would have personally helped him if he didn’t know who they were but now her priority was to protect her kind. Detective Choi says that he had seen a lot of evil in his life but Yi-rang was different.

Does Dong-soo get his eye back?

Meanwhile, Dong-soo picks up an axe from Jin-seop’s collection and waits for him. Jin-seop wonders if Dong-soo would survive a gunshot to the head. He goes to a dead end and waits for Dong-soo but eventually starts coughing up blood because of his cancer. Dong-soo finds Jin-seop waiting for him and promises he will never let a murderer like him take over his body.

Jin-seop sings the song written by Dong-soo and the connection is made all of a sudden. Dong-soo sees Jin-seop as himself. Jin-seop holds up the pistol to shoot Dong-soo but the humanoid runs towards him. He shoots Dong-soo multiple times but the gunshot has no effect other than slowing him down for a second. 

Jin-seop is shocked and shoots Dong-soo in his other eye. Dong-soo loses the eye but Jin-seop has run out of bullets now. Dong-soo chokes Jin-seop but suddenly falls to the ground but his left eye restores itself. Jin-seop is shocked to see this and puts his hand over the transplanted eye.

Dong-soo asks Jin-seop to give him his eye back. The creature starts growling from inside Dong-soo’s eye socket and the eyeball goes back into Dong-soo despite Jin-seop’s attempts to hold it back.

Does Dong-soo kill Jin-seop?

Dong-soo starts beating Jin-seop and tries to kill him but Detective Choi rushes to stop him. Yi-rang follows and Choi tells Dong-soo that he will have to be prosecuted if he killed Jin-seop despite Jin-seop’s horrid crimes. He stops Dong-soo from turning into a murderer. 

Detective Choi is able to convince Dong-soo to give up asking him to flee with Yi-rang. He states that the SWAT team will be there soon and would not care about Dong-soo but arrest him. Yi-rang hears loud noises and rushes Dong-soo out of there leaving Jin-seop with Detective Choi.

He has a nosebleed while the creature erupts out of Jin-seop’s eye socket. Dong-soo’s finger which was attached to Z’s body also starts moving while Gi-deun starts growling at the noise. Dong-soo and Yi-rang try to flee away but 10 SWAT helicopters stop them from jumping off the roof. 

The Episode Review

The title of this episode is pretty apt to what viewers are left feeling after the end of the show. There is no doubt that Connect will be getting a season 2 because there are a lot of questions left for us to get answers to. We know that Jin-seok is not dead yet but even if he is, there is no guarantees if he and Z have turned into Connects.

I really wished there were more Connects that would come and help Dong-soo and Yi-rang as she promised but I hope there are more such misunderstood creatures that will be shown in the upcoming episodes. There are many questions viewers are left with but it seemed like the last two episodes were very rushed.

Jung Hae-in is a sight to sore eyes and it was unsatisfactory how he was left to do nothing in most of this episode. The ending was definitely unexpected and I wish the makers learn from their mistakes and give us more episodes that are slower in pace and more in number.

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