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Connect episode 5 starts with Jin-seop making a connection with Dong-soo to warn him about Z. Jin-seop uses Z as leverage to get Dong-soo to meet him and threatens to kill the singer if the humanoid did not come to see him. Two of the gangsters use the kids who cut off Dong-soo’s ear to lead them to Dong-soo’s boss, the owner of the junkyard.

Dong-soo tells Yi-rang that he will be on his way to save Z and she says she will join him. Just then, the rest of the gangsters arrive at the movie theatre. Dong-soo and Yi-rang decide to flee from there but he receives a video of the junkyard owner being beaten up by the two thugs.

Yi-rang tells Dong-soo that she will keep the gangsters busy for now and asks him to leave in order to save his boss. Dong-soo flees to the junkyard while Yi-rang tries to bicker with the gangsters to keep them occupied. She fights them off to the best of her ability but does not manage to run away.

Jin-seop is having a hard time due to his cancer as he keeps coughing up blood. He has a vision where he sees Dong-soo inside his house and he goes to hug the humanoid. Jin-se0p looks at a set of drawings in his sketchbook and imagines himself as Dong-soo.

Dong-soo arrives at the junkyard and is tied down by the two thugs. When one of the two tries to kill Dong-soo’s boss, the humanoid goes rabid and beats him up with his hands tied. Dong-soo uses an electric saw to cut off his restraints and the remaining thug as well as Dong-soo’s boss watch as Dong-soo’s hand heals by itself.

Dong-soo beats up the other gangster and goes to save his boss who is tied up in a corner but the old man calls Dong-soo a monster. He breaks down immediately and the thug takes advantage of this and attacks Dong-soo. Considering the fact that Dong-soo is immensely hurt by what his boss called him, Dong-soo goes feral and beats the thug up.

He goes as far as killing him but stops just before doing so because he isn’t capable of killing someone. The other set of gangsters talk to Yi-rang and try to subdue her. She ticks them off by lying that Oh Jin-seop, the one with Dong-soo’s eye had killed Woo-jin. One of the thugs strikes Yi-rang in her face causing a deep cut.

Yi-rang shocks the gangsters when she tells them that he is the corpse artist killer. Just then, Yi-rang’s cut heals on its own and the thug that struck her calls her a monster. She does not take it well but Mr Kim’s right-hand man declares that she is a connect. She fights off the gangsters and runs away from the movie theatre.

Mr Kim’s right-hand man stops the gangsters from following her because he thinks that there are many more Connects that can be captured if Yi-rang is not busy running away from them. Dong-soo apologises to his boss for what happened to him and promises that he will not come back to work for him.

He sadly bids the old man goodbye and asks to borrow his truck. Dong-soo wants to put the two thugs in a hospital. The old man tells Dong-soo that he will take them to the hospital and asks Dong-soo to leave. Dong-soo gets emotional as he recalls being a child when the old man took him in while the whole world detested him.

As Dong-soo is leaving the junkyard, he finds Yi-rang waiting for him. The cops are searching the location where Woo-jin’s body was discovered by a local. They discover a camera there and try to find out what happened to him. Dong-soo tells Yi-rang how much he hates his body because he puts the people around him in trouble.

He states that Z, as well as his boss, were both hurt because he was a Connect. Yi-rang tells him that Z’s involvement in the mess was not his fault. He blames himself for thinking that he could save everyone. Yi-rang knocks some sense into him and tells him that Jin-seop is the person that should be blamed for anything.

She tells him that he should be thankful for his body which does not give up on him when he is attacked or stabbed or hit. Just then, a clip of Yi-rang killing Woo-jin plays in the background. Yi-rang tells Dong-soo that the Connects should take over the world because the old humans were weak and fragile unlike them.

She states that they should take over the world and rule it because humans only feared or tried to possess their bodies because of their strengths. Dong-soo wonders how just the two of them would be able to rule over the world but Yi-rang mentions that there were more Connects and that Dong-soo would be meeting them soon.

Dong-soo is alarmed when he sees a vision of Jin-seop coughing up blood as his song plays in the background. Jin-seop uses his own blood to tell Dong-soo that the time and location of their meeting had changed. Dong-soo states that he will have to go to see Jin-seop to save Z and get his right eye back.

Yi-rang claims that she won’t be able to join him because she has a prior engagement. She asks him to call her as soon as he was done with Jin-seop and promises to meet him once she is done with her business. The cops discover the data from the camera found where Woo-jin was murdered.

The camera had images of Jin-seop on the same day as the corpse art sculptures were put out on display. Detective Park tells Choi that the famous artist Z was kidnapped and the person he was with was not able to see the face of the man who abducted him. Park adds that the witness claimed that the kidnapper was furious over a stolen song.

Dong-soo arrives at the location where Jin-seop had asked him to be and Jin-seop approaches him in a car. He makes the connection again and Dong-soo can see the car approaching him. Jin-seop gets out of the car in a black hazmat suit. Once he is across Dong-soo, Jin-seop presses a button to release a gas that chokes Dong-soo.

Dong-soo tries to fight back but his body is unable to contain the hazardous chemical. Jin-seop observes Dong-soo’s heart slowing down as the humanoid chokes helplessly but is shocked when his heart starts beating rapidly all over again. Yi-rang is tracking Dong-soo’s phone and she is worried when it appears that he is in a car.

Jin-seop has tied Dong-soo to a wheelchair in the back of his car and is taking the humanoid somewhere. He makes a connection with Dong-soo again by playing his song and the two individuals chat as if they were seated side-by-side. Dong-soo tells Jin-seop that he was wrong for killing so many people when Jin-seop states that all humans would die eventually.

The two have a morbid conversation with Jin-seop justifying the murders and calling out Dong-soo for saving lives even when he suffered in the process. Dong-soo claims that Jin-seop was soon going to die too.┬áDong-soo is weirded out and infuriated by Jin-seop’s comment.

He tries to beat the corpse artist but soon realises that he is tied to a chair in the back of the truck. Jin-seop wonder why it was him that got Dong-soo’s eye. Jin-seop mentions he would still live if an immortal body like Dong-soo’s was merged with his and the two lived on together as one.

Dong-soo yells to break the connection and faints in his chair. The episode ends with a visual of an old man hanging by the roof of Jin-seop’s surgical room just like one of his final drawings.

The Episode Review

This show keeps getting better with each episode and I really wish it was not as fast-paced. There is so much happening at the same time and the viewers are not given enough time to process one plot twist after the other. Truthfully speaking, Jin-seop’s ulterior motive behind the corpse art is not really interesting.

I wished for him to have a more genuine reason behind killing people and making artwork out of them. But he is actually just a plain old psychopath who is making art and wants to be remembered even after he eventually dies because of Cancer. I hope Dong-soo does not end up losing his life in the process of saving other humans who treat him as a monster.

The chances of Yi-rang betraying him seem little but I won’t rule that out because that could be a plot point for season two if the season finale points at something like that. We can only hope for the best with one episode left in the show!

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