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Episode 4 of Connect starts with Dae-soo in the interrogation room with the cops. Meanwhile, Jin-seop attacks the doctor and asks where he got the transplanted eye from. The doctor states that he was just in charge of performing surgery and did not know anything else. Just as Jin-seop is about the attack the doctor, the gangsters arrive and he sneaks the doctor into hiding.

The cops interrogate Dong-soo about his connection with the two employees that died and interrogate his presence in the building. Park asks him about the astrologer and Choi draws the connection to the corpse art but Dong-soo does not say a word. Park starts to threaten Dong-soo which is when he tells them about the connection.

He is not able to explain the connection well and the cops assume Dong-soo is trying to mess with them. Park does not have Dong-soo’s insane explanation but Detective Choi tries to question the humanoid by himself. He makes Dong-soo comfortable by letting him put the patch on and states that he will believe Dong-soo considering the case was pretty absurd.

He asks Dong-soo about his visions and Dong-soo explains that he had one recently about an upcoming murder of three little girls from the corpse artist. Choi asks about the symbol for Pluto and Dong-soo claims that he saw it in the vision too. He shows Dong-soo a picture of the Pluto sign engraved on one of the corpse sculptures but the humanoid gets scared and begins to look away.

Choi is certain that Dong-soo is innocent and wants to protect him as a witness. He asks Dong-soo to explain the visions clearly but Dong-soo knows the other cops are listening from the two-way mirror. Choi asks if Dong-soo wants to go somewhere private. Meanwhile, Jin-seop takes the doctor to his own surgical room and starts beating him up.

Jin-seop questions the doctor about putting someone to follow him after the surgery and asks what was so special about the eye that so many people were chasing after it. The doctor claims that the eye belongs to a Connect. A flashback shows Jin-seop being beaten up and stabbed when he came to the doctor’s clinic.

Jin-seop threatened that he had cancer and warns the doctor against doing anything fishy with his organs. On the other hand, Detective Choi takes Dong-soo to the rooftop to chat in peace. Dong-soo breaks out of his handcuffs by breaking his bones and Detective Choi watches in bewilderment as his hand heal itself back. The doctor explains to Jin-seop how Dong-soo healed in an instant after the surgery.

Dong-soo talks to a shocked Detective Choi about his peculiar body and claims he is called the Connect. Jin-seop discerns that the doctor had tested an eye transplant on him just for the heck of it and gets more frustrated. The doctor explains how a famous pharmaceutical company discovered the creatures called  – Connect back in 2000.

He explains that the discovery could be linked with immortality and Jin-seop is amused to learn that he has a body part that is immortal. Dong-soo tells Choi that he shares a vision with the murderer. Jin-seop gets angry and kills the doctor by smashing into his skull. He starts clapping in glee after doing so.

Dong-soo asks Choi if he was going to expose him to the world and the detective claims that he would have to do so in order to protect the world. Detective Choi gets a phone call from Park who tells them that Dong-soo was not a registered citizen and that he did not exist in the legal world. Choi asks Park to look into the organ-hunting gangsters.

The detective claims that he had no business with Dong-soo anymore but he insists that the detective let him go because he was the only one who knew the faces of the kids. Choi asks Dong-soo to let it go and leave the job of catching the murderer up to the cops but Dong-soo breaks free of the cuff by breaking his other hand.

He claims that this world has always treated him like a monster and adds that it was dumb of him for trusting a detective before he jumps off the rooftop. Detective Choi watches in shock as Dong-soo bleeds first but heals instantly and begins to run away from the station. Yi-rang tries calling Dong-soo but is unable to get in touch with him.

She has a cut on her finger and she wonders if he was caught. Yi-rang heals too and as it turns out, she too is a Connect. The organ-hunting gangster’s boss – Mr Kim is looking for the doctor who is missing from his clinic. Woo-jin, the man put in charge of tracking Jin-seop calls Kim to inform him that Jin-seop hadn’t gone back home since the day before.

Kim asks Woo-jin to break into Jin-seop’s house and grab anything that could lead them to him. Yi-rang is following Woo-jin when she gets a call from Dong-soo. She ends the call and follows Woo-jin but he catches on to her. He asks Yi-rang her what she wanted and she asks if they knew who Jin-seop was. She fights Woo-jin and surprisingly beats him up.

Meanwhile, Dong-soo tries to save the girls by setting up a fire in an elementary school. He also calls the emergency number and claims that he was going to set a fire in all the elementary schools in the vicinity to kill all the kids. Detective Choi asks the cops to play along and shut down all the elementary schools in light of a terrorist attack.

The news starts reporting the incident and Jin-seop is amused by Dong-soo’s effort. Dong-soo sighs in relief, sure that he was successful. He looks at a comment from Z on his YouTube video and is overwhelmed that a big artist had complimented him. Z asks Dong-soo to reach out if he’d like to record some music together and the humanoid gets emotional.

He suddenly feels the sensation in his eye and a connection is made. Jin-seop is talking directly to Dong-soo and displays his phone number asking the humanoid to call him. Dong-soo calls him immediately but still plays it safe by hiding his tracking id. Dong-soo and Jin-seop argue on the phone for a while and the latter claims that it was fate for one of Dong-soo’s eye to end up in his body.

Jin-seop claims that they were already in the next phase and it was too late for Dong-soo and ends the call. A man discovers Woo-jins dead body with his throat slit below the bridge where he and Yi-rang fought the night before. She goes to see Dong-soo who tells her that the cops knew he was a connect. She tells him that staying there was not safe for him and takes him to an old movie theatre.

Yi-rang asks Dong-soo to stay out of trouble and tells him that she is very similar to him. She gets him to stab her and Dong-soo is shocked when he learns that she can heal too. He claims that she lied to him about being saved by a Connect but Yi-rang states that she waited to tell him this because she wanted him to get his eye back.

Dong-soo mentions that she did not need to put on a bandaid but she states that she did so to make it seem that she was normal and takes the band-aid off. Dong-soo is happy that he finally found someone to share his misery with and they both are glad they won’t suffer alone.

Yi-rang slits her wrist and cuts Dong-soo’s wrist too and the two creatures from within them try to get attached as they hold hands and the two share a kiss. Meanwhile, Z is leaving his party at the nightclub with a girl when Jin-seop attacks him in the parking lot and drags away his body.

The next morning, Dong-soo has a dream where he see’s the corpse art of someone that resembles Jin-seop, only he does not know that it is him. He suddenly experiences a connection where Jin-seop can be seen tearing up his original murder plan and Z appears in a wheelchair with cuts all over his body. 

The Episode Review

This episode was extremely interesting and now, as we are inching towards the end of this show, I feel like there should have been more episodes. Yes, there are a few plot holes but the show has a concept that is novel and I hope there is more exploration in this genre in the future of K-dramas.

Go Kyung-pyo’s character, Jin-seop, is actually really interesting but I don’t understand the reason why he got an eye transplant. If he was injured and at the doctor for treatment, it was ideal better for the makers to show that he had lost an eye. That part of the story was extremely absurd for me as a viewer.

I had already predicted that Yi-rang could be a Connect but I am pretty sure there are more of these genetically engineered creatures. However, Yi-rang seems too helpful to Dong-soo for me to trust that she does not have any ulterior motives. She is a brutal fighter but I am still suspicious of her actions.

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