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Congrats My Ex (2023) – Ending Explained: Do Risa and Tim end up together?

Congrats My Ex (2023) Plot Summary

Congrats My Ex tells a comical tale of Risa who has to face not one but two of her exes. She runs a wedding planning company and her latest client is her Indian ex, Arun.

Arun is set to marry Monica but Risa still feels a pang of jealousy when she sees them together. After the wedding photographer gets into an accident, she has to hire Tim, her ex, to film the wedding. Risa is caught between her exes and it brings in hilarious results!

What happens to Arun and Monica?

After Arun almost kisses Risa, Monica storms out crying. Arun, Risa and Tim follow after to convince her that Arun and Risa did not kiss. Arun loves only Monica and whatever happened between Risa and Arun is in the past. 

All this happens just a few hours before the wedding. Everyone is stressed if Monica will agree to marry Arun now. The wedding hour is about to begin and Monica comes back. Everyone rejoices and Arun and Monica get married. Arun promises Monica to never make such a mistake again.

Do Risa and Tim get back together?

As the movie progresses, we see Risa realise her mistake. She apologises to Tim for ghosting him in the past. The two put up a pretense of dating each other in front of Arun, but eventually see that they like each other well enough to date. 

No romcom movie is complete without one character going after the other with any means available and confess their feelings. In this movie, we see that Risa mounts the white horse (which was for Arun to mount on and reach his wedding venue) and goes to find Tim.

Earlier, Tim had sent her a voice note and confessed his feelings. Risa realises that she, too, reciprocates those. Before it gets too late, she confesses and we see a sweet ending for this adorable couple. 

There is some exposition right at the end, but the climax does not induce stress. As predictable it might be, Congrats My Ex is one of those movies that you can chalk up as a guilty pleasure without feeling too guilty about it. 


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