Come Clean – 134 | Album Review

come clean 134

Track Listing

Slow On The Exhale
Art Class
And The Walls Became The World All Around
Beautiful Blue
Losing Value
So Foolish


This is pop punk with melodies aplenty, and Come Clean is a band trying to see the brightness which seems to be darkening every day. The act describes the good times and the awful times when their world was equipped to tackle the storm head-on. Their record, 134, is an in-your-face, straight-to-the-point collection that takes influence from bands that have taken the pop punk sound to the summit.

These bands include the beloved Blink 182, which is still going strong after all these years. There are definitely snippets of old Blink here, songs that clearly show competence and lyrical deepness, even if this record shows a rippling darkness. This dark theme hits hard, as the band conveys through their writings lost love and breaking resolve.

The band is frustrated by their own lives and the mundanity of suburbia, and on 134 they openly tell their stories of impact. They’ve grown up, but they feel the brunt of hopelessness too.

Slow On The Exhale opens the record with thunderous guitar riffs and attitude. The band detail their grievances and the song has no let-up. It’s a fine start to a powerful record.

Art Class begins with a great chord progression and gritty vocals. The lyrics describe a life looking at the void while everyone else is winning the battle. It’s a pessimistic track.

Beautiful Blue is an acoustic song portraying hard times, but there’s a girl veering into the picture, snapping her fingers as the love begins to rekindle its spirit. It’s a sad song and one that shows the band’s diversity.

Come Clean creates pop punk blasts that connect on a sombre level, and on 134 they’ve certainly shown their craft, even if they’re hurting inside.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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