Colin in Black & White Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Dear Colin

Episode 6 of Colin in Black & White begins with Colin in Senior year. After brushing off baseball offers and sticking with college football, he manages to handle the media pressure well. The call from last episode happens to be from Wisconsin, but Colin keeps quiet about its outcome, claiming he’s actually focusing on winning a championship first. Coach Alzarez rings that evening though with big news.

Before we see this news play out, we jump back to the summer before senior year. Colin works hard and decides to prove himself at the summer camps. He has quite a few different invites and heads out to every single camp to prove his worth. Working his butt off, it now turns to the waiting game to see if anyone bites.

It’s tough going but the University of California are one of those who do bite,  scheduling a visit for him to tryout. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pan out.

Colin remains undeterred though and despite sending DVDs to every single school, everyone rejects his offers. Feeling down in the dumps, Teresa convinces him to head back inside before he gets sick. And wouldn’t you know it, Colin ends up sick the next day. However, he impresses during a basketball game and receives a call from an enthusiastic football coach at Nevada. Colin is going to be playing for them and this could be his one opportunity to shine.

Of course, the moral of the story here is to never give up. It’s a powerful message for anyone going through hardship and sometimes it can be impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But sometimes, with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of determination and hard work, your dreams can come true.

So Colin packs up his things, ready to head over to Nebraska, where he reads a note left behind by an older-version of himself Kaepernick, telling young Colin to trust his power. And for everyone else, we’re left with this powerful note: “To the underestimated, the overlooked and the outcast, trust your power.”

The Episode Review

So Colin in Black & White bows out with a pretty decent conclusion, one that rounds out all the big plot points while simultaneously leaving with an important moral lesson for everyone. When times get hard, sometimes you just need to stick it out and trust your instinct. Good times are sure to follow if you keep at it.

It’s a good way to end this biographical drama on a high, although personally it would have been nice to see a dramatization of Colin taking the knees and what ensued around this, including the almighty media storm. For those unaware of what Colin actually did then this ending may not work as powerfully as those who do – especially people outside the US. Despite that, this sports drama does a pretty decent job to keep things watchable throughout.

While the story is simple and the narration a little hit or miss at times, the end result is an enjoyable drama that bows things out on a high.

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