Colin in Black & White – Episode 4 “The Decision” Recap & Review

The Decision

Episode 4 of Colin in Black & White starts with Colin’s career torn between playing Major League and being an NFL quarterback. Now, he has a pretty good career, although Colin is prone to getting ill a lot.

Coughing and sputtering, he ends up with pneumonia but somehow battles through and manages to win his baseball game. His doctor is impressed when he finds out, encouraging Colin to pick baseball over football for his future.

This pivotal moment in Colin’s career depicts a big fork in the road – does Colin pick baseball or football? Everyone has ideas about where his future lies, although Colin is constantly encouraged to drop football and focus on baseball.

With scholarships flooding in all the time, Colin is torn over whether to follow his head or his heart. The thing is, Colin’s heart just isn’t in baseball. He feels like an outsider, which we saw in its rawest form last episode. Instead, Colin is more determined to follow football but when no offers roll in, it makes it that much harder for him.

Eventually a chat with best friend Jake helps make his mind up. “Life’s too short to be living someone else’s dream,” He utters, which is enough for Colin to make his choice and do what’s best for him.

Colin ditches baseball, much to the shock of American news broadcasts and coaches across the country, as he decides to follow his heart. As news of this spreads, Colin receives a call about a potential football scholarship.

The Episode Review

You have to do what you love in life and if you’re not, why the hell not? It reminds me of when I used to work at an insurance company, listening to all the people around me excitedly talking about applying for other roles because they paid an extra £10 a month. And for what? Dollars in the bank? Where’s the passion? Where’s the joy? There was none.

Ultimately I followed my dream and here we are, a year later working ridiculous hours watching TV and writing about TV shows. The dream life. It’s not easy to buck the trend, and a lot of people will tell you you’re crazy and it won’t work but hey, you have to do what you love.

This is a great episode to showcase that struggle and Colin in Black & White delivers its best episode because of that. The choice between baseball and football is not an easy one for Colin to make but by the time the credits roll, it’s clear Colin has made thee right choice.

With two more episodes to go, this drama is really starting to heat up now.

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Expect a full season write-up later this weekend!

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