Colin in Black & White – Episode 2 “Quarterbackin’” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Colin in Black & White begins with Colin calling out the inequality in America. Specifically how he – and many other black Americans – need the “white man’s seal of approval” for everything from loans to a living wage.

With this established, we jump back and see Colin in Freshman year. Rick worries that there’s some serious competition here, and Colin undoubtedly finds himself an outsider from the off, especially with the coaches favouring another player over him for the spot of quartback. They scoff at his idea of playing in that role but Colin puts his game-face on and prepares to play.

Colin absolutely smashes his training but Johnson – his rival – gets the nod over him. The only advice Colin is given revolves around needing to “command the offence.” It’s a pretty weak excuse and it’s not helped by Colin’s coach telling him not to excel or tryout for quarterback position in the future. Despite dominating the Freshman team, it seems hopeless.

Deciding to do right by Colin, his parents put in some calls, specifically to arrange a meeting with a trainer called Roger Theder. He immediately demands to know what Colin brings to the table, and his impassioned plea is enough for Roger to agree coaching the kid through the summer.

Colin’s first session does not go to plan, especially when he’s relegated to the “baby squad.” Roger’s old school approach eventually does start to get through to him though. Grinding out a result and listening to what coach has to say, Colin sees a big breakthrough.

Sophomore Year rolls round and Colin tries out again. This time though Johnson fails to command his offence and fluffs his lines. Colin most certainly does not. Off the back of this – and Theder’s intense training – Colin looks like he’s en-route to the big-time. And as a reward for his hard work, his father agrees to get him a car.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Colin in Black & White changes the perspective slightly to the situation on the field, with Colin now working hard to overcome racial prejudices and prove the coaches wrong.

Thanks to his hard work and training with Roger Theder, Colin manages to break through and prove the haters wrong. It’s another important tool to have in one’s arsenal and this show does a great job depicting that.

There’s plenty of drama to be had here too, especially with the racial inequality being showcased, but the series does well to balance that out with a story about hard work and determination. It’s a simple enough narrative, but the execution has been pretty good so far.

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