Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of A Video With Ten-Million Views

In episode 6 of Cold Blooded Intern, it is established right off the bat that Hae-ra is not a part of Marketing House. We previously saw that she had been fired by Ji-won. Hae-ra and her husband Su-pyo are currently struggling to make ends meet while working minimum-wage jobs.

We soon learn that So-jin has been trying to get in touch with Hae-ra. Hae-ra, however, has been avoiding her calls and messages out of overwhelming guilt. This makes So-jin wonder if their friendship was truly mutual. Seung-ju continues by saying that she believes Hae-ra’s resignation is due to her shame. Though she doesn’t elaborate, her statement seems to have left So-jin wondering.

Hae-ra and her husband are shown to be having a hard time in their current position. Su-pyo then goes on an interview, while Hae-ra stays on the job. Ji-won’s father, on the other hand, recently passed away. She does her best to put on a brave face, pretending she is unaffected.

It becomes clear very quickly that her father coerced her into doing things she didn’t enjoy to use her earnings for his own benefit. Because of her father’s greed, she was unable to get married and take a break from her career. Ji-won ultimately gives in and pays him, promising never to do so again.

Interestingly, Hae-ra’s video of her helping a working woman on the street goes viral. The video gives her daughter a sense of pride, and we learn that she frequently boasts about it. Meanwhile, Ji-won caves into her desires and sneaks into the place where her father’s prayer services are held while no one is around. There is a close call with her mother, but she is able to avoid her.

Hae-ra’s viral video prompts her superiors at Market House to order Ji-won to bring her back to the team so that they can profit from her. Ji-won approaches Hae-ra about joining the company, but she declines. Ji-won then approaches So-jin with the request that she bring Hae-ra back onto the team.

So-jin tries to get in touch with Hae-ra, but she never picks up. So-jin then tricks Hae-ra into a meeting. So-jin, upon first meeting Hae-ra, opens up about how she knows about Hae-ra’s plotting. After telling Hae-Ra that she should join the company if she is truly sorry, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode centers on Hae-ra and her husband, who are both trying to make ends meet by working minimum-wage jobs. Additionally, Ji-won is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her father. After her video goes viral, Market House is attempting to get Hae-ra back on board. So-jin is Ji-won’s last resort in getting Hae-ra to join the team.

The episode maintains the usual tone of the series. It has a sense of humor and is a bit chaotic but in a good way. The show’s ability to handle serious subjects while maintaining levity is what makes it such a pleasure to watch. So-jin eventually asks Hae-ra to join Market House as the episode comes to a close. It will be intriguing to watch the story develop in the upcoming episodes.

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