Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Start Of Feeling Inferior

Episode 5 of Cold Blooded Intern begins with So-jin discussing not going on leave with Ji-won. Following that, she is seen appreciating Hae-ra for convincing her not to leave. Hae-ra then discusses their agreement with Ji-won. We learn that Hae-ra predicted Ji-won would not promote her. We soon discover that Seung-ju has overheard their conversation.

Soon after, So-jin informs her coworkers that she will not be taking a leave of absence. Following this, her coworkers are overjoyed with her and decide to go out to dinner that night. Furthermore, So-jin and Hae-ra are seen becoming close friends. Later that night, the Market House employees are seen enjoying dinner. We also understand that Seung-Ju dislikes Hae-ra and So-jin’s growing closeness, given that she is aware of Hae-ra’s initial scheming.

Meanwhile, Market House’s upper management is having dinner together. We see the superior of Market House tell Ji-won to keep an eye on Hae-ra because he recognizes that making So-jin stay was her doing. Despite only being an intern, Hae-ra manages to take on an assignment at a meeting the next day. Additionally, Market House employees receive their pay.

Following this, the employees are seen planning their expenses. Even though Hae-Ra’s salary is extremely low in comparison to the others, she is overjoyed. After that, she goes shopping for her family.

Hae-ra confronts her daughter later that night about her desire to become a tattoo artist. Following this, Yi-young goes on to expose her father’s presence at an amusement park, causing a bit of turmoil. Su-pyo then decides to apply for a sales position. Seung-ju confronts Hae-ra about her actions the next day and she is filled with guilt.

Later that day, Hae-ra stays late at work waiting for Ji-won. The two of them talk about how Ji-won has changed a lot from how she used to be. At one point, Hae-ra’s conversations set Ji-won off and she eventually fires Hae-ra.

The Episode Review

In this episode, the K-drama really cranks up the tension. Hae-ra’s plotting to get ahead at work backfires when her coworker Seung-ju finds out the truth. Hae-ra gets fired as the episode comes to a close.

The episode is riveting from start to finish. Hae-ra is initially portrayed as cold and heartless to advance her career. Over time, however, she softens and is willing to sacrifice a promotion for the sake of her newfound friend at work. The development of Hae-ra’s character throughout the series is a refreshing change. Her behavior has changed for the better, allowing us to overlook her indiscretions.

Ji-won, on the other hand, doesn’t seem like the same person anymore. There is a deep grayscale to her character. It will be intriguing to learn what forces the protagonist to harden up so dramatically. Having said that, it is still a fun episode to watch.

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