Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of A Career Break

In episode 4 of Cold Blooded Intern, we pick up where we left off in the previous episode. Geum has settled to go on her leave shortly rather than waiting until she is eligible for it within three months. The group quickly understands that Hae-ra’s internship can be wrapped up at the right moment for her to take So-jin’s place once she leaves the office. They also sense that something is very off.

Ji-won requests to meet up with Hae-ra in the driveway to go over their next course of action. Ji-won is informed by Hae-ra of the fact that So-jin has become a tough nut to crack. When Ji-won’s office rival Young-geun overhears them conversing in the car, he instantly alerts her superior. The superior, on the other hand, doesn’t appear particularly bothered by it.

Hae-ra runs into the moms of her kid’s friends shortly after work. When she asks why they are meeting without her, they explain that it is because she is now a working mother and they didn’t want to bother her. They also persuade her that she can save So-jin if Hae-ra could persuade her to refuse to utilize her leave of absence given that it could be extremely challenging to return back to work following that.

Hae-ra observes So-jin having trouble keeping the flow while she is at work. She makes another attempt to give her suggestions but fails. Ji-won instructs So-jin to collaborate with Hae-ra because Hae-ra had advised her to do so during their interaction in the car to ensure she could persuade So-jin.

Since this is So-jin’s final month of employment, she begins to experience a wide range of emotions. Meanwhile, Ji-won makes it a point that Young-geun stays in his place by providing the superior with proof that he has been accepting bribes coming from clients. As a consequence, he is switched to the branch in Busan. The superior is also aware that he provides Ji-won with too much freedom and that she is headed for his throat.

Hae-ra receives a call informing her that her daughter, Yi-young is at a tattoo parlor as she and So-jin are on their way home from work. She locates the store after So-jin drives her toward the spot but notices that her kid is employed there rather than getting inked. Yi-young’s decision to adopt this kind of lifestyle at such an early age alarms her. Hae-ra’s bond with her is not the very best as she doesn’t pay attention to Yi-young’s side of things.

Back at home, Yi-young’s father is aware of her desire to study tattooing in order to learn how to conceal scars. She suffered terrible burns when she was still a little girl, but Hae-ra neglected to visit the hospital owing to her job. Due to her mom’s subsequent fall, she was forced to leave her job and take charge of both her mom and her daughter.

So-jin learns from Hae-ra that she’s merely attempting to escape her responsibilities and that she doesn’t actually want to give up her job. Later that day, So-jin’s son too encourages her to keep working. In the closing moments of the episode, So-jin expresses her gratitude to Hae-ra for persuading her to stay with them.

Hae-ra is ecstatic and heads over to see Ji-won. She views So-jin’s decision to stay on the job rather than take the leave as positive news. Ji-won, nevertheless, informs her that she isn’t going to be hired given that she didn’t force both of the employees to resign. During this exchange, we see somebody leave the staircase, and the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

The tension had been raised by the K-drama up to this point. The upheaval in Cold Blooded Intern, however, reaches a new high by the end of episode 4, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. It concludes with Hae-ra doing the right thing and also helping Ji-won. But Ji-won, on the other hand, refuses to give Hae-ra the position she worked so hard for and even compromised her morals for.

Having said that, someone overheard their conversation near the end of the episode, leaving us in suspense. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the upcoming episodes.

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