Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Trigger Of Taking Leave

In episode 3 of Cold Blooded Intern, we pick up where we left off in the previous episode. Go Hae-ra is informed by Ji-won that Mrs. Lee resigned. Hae-ra then has a terrible sense of guilt but soon Lee gets in touch with her and expresses her gratitude for helping her. Lee then tells her that she resigned voluntarily because she felt the baby didn’t like her worrying herself to death.

Hae-ra’s husband and she have some important news to discuss when she gets home. She informs him that she is not interested in working. He also tells her that he has been fired at the same time. This puts the couple in an uncomfortable situation. Ji-won announces Lee’s resignation the next day at the office. She then assigns Lee’s share of the work to the employees in the office in order to remedy the situation.

Soon after, Je-seob warns Geum So-jin about Hae-ra’s schemes. He goes on to describe her competitive side and informs her that he got a bad feeling. Geum is now on high alert for Hae-ra’s behavior. Later on, that day, to lessen her workload, Geum asks her to work on a presentation for her. Hae-ra is having trouble with the presentation because she has lost track of how to apply her skills and ends up staying late.

Her husband, Soo-pyo is growing restless at home. After concluding that the ink has run off his daughter’s iPad pen, he decides to throw it away. Soon after, Hae-ra gets in touch with him, asking him to help with some chores since she’ll be late. When their daughter asks him about the iPad pen, he lies and says he doesn’t know. He is sorry, though and sells his watch to buy her an iPad pen.

Ji-won notices Hae-ra staying late at work and offers to take her out following that. Ji-won reminds her of her obligation to ensure Geum’s resignation while she is out. The next day, Ji-won is not happy with Geum’s pitch and proposal and requests that Hae-ra assist her. She is impressed when Hae-ra easily helps Geum by coming up with an idea.

Later that day, Geum is seen smoking as she struggles to balance her home responsibilities and her workload. She then goes to Ji-won’s cabin and asks her to prepone her leave to the following month, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The drama and tension are amplified in Cold Blooded Intern episode 3. Hae-ra is feeling guilty, and Geum senses her motives. By introducing a hint of grey and giving them a conscience, the episode gives the majority of the leads a very humane quality.

However, on that front, even though Ji-won is grey, she also comes across as a very mechanical character. She could also use a little bit of softness to greatly enhance her character arc. While that is true, we’re only three episodes in. We’ll have to wait and see how matters in the upcoming episodes play out.

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