Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

The first scene of episode 2 of Cold Blooded Intern provides a flashback in which a woman finds herself on the very edge of a rooftop when a paper containing a no-pregnancy agreement falls out of her grasp. Once there, Go Hae-ra appears.

At present, Hae-ra is working as an intern for Market House. Choi Ji-won, a former coworker and general manager, makes her a morally questionable offer. She intends for her to compel mothers who are working or women who are pregnant to quit their positions or bring about an incident that will allow the organization to remove them. Hae-ra can reclaim her managerial position if she is successful.

Hae-ra begins her workday at the workplace where Mr. So attempts to control her while also feeling intimidated by her since she was formerly his manager and superior. Given that she is in desperate need of work, she is happy to accept any task. She gets beverages as well as complies with all instructions. She attempts to persuade Ms. Lee, who is expecting, to take time off work so she can give birth, but her true goal is the promotion.

Given that the designs aren’t prepared and the designer cannot be reached, an abrupt office turmoil causes tension. As soon as his marathon-running picture goes online, Lee and Hae-ra, at last, have a solution.

Gong Soo-pyo, Hae-ra’s spouse, stops by a theme park in the meantime without informing his family because they haven’t heard that he has been fired. Once he shouts in anger, he discovers that his little girl also skipped class and is seated right beside him. They both make a pact not to tell Hae-ra anything about their personal lives.

Meanwhile, Hae-ra finds the designer when he arrives close to the riverside. She forces Lee to sit while scurrying off to look for the man in question. After she eventually locates him after much effort, she releases him as part of her agreement with Choi Ji-won.

Lee experiences early labor pains owing to stress and is taken to the hospital right away. Following this, Hae-ra feels bad about it and accepts accountability in the presence of Ji-won. Ji-won is relieved though as both mom and baby are safe and Lee has also made the decision to resign from her position.

The Episode Review

This episode makes it evident that the dynamic between Hae-ra and Ji-won serves as the show’s greatest asset. We can clearly see how different the characters are from one another in the story. Even though Hae-ra is currently employed in a rookie position, she is surrounded by loved ones. Ji-won, on the other hand, disapproves of the idea of having children and defines herself through her professional life.

Even though the two women are quite different, the drama appears to be centered around the fact that both seem to share a similar untamed, dog-eat-dog attitude. As the episode comes to a close, Hae-ra seems upset that she was able to convince the woman to resign. Ji-won, on the other hand, appears content that she completed the task. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop moving forward.

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