Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Head of the Snake

Episode 10 of Cobra Kai Season 5 starts with Kreese resigning himself to spending the rest of his days in prison. He reflects on the mistakes he’s made along the way but believes he had a purpose in instilling that on his students. As the therapist leans forward, she gives him some encouraging words to take forward.

Out in the cafeteria, Kreese is stabbed by one of the inmates and start bleeding out. Is he alive? Is he dead? We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the party limo stops and Mike Barnes reveals himself. He’s the one who drove them out to parts unknown, determined to get revenge for his burnt furniture store. This “bad boy of Karate” is not happy and he’s determined to make someone pay for this.

Daniel points out that Silver was the one responsible, so Barnes suggests a brawl over at his house. Daniel isn’t so sure but Chozen and Johnny are all for it. So in the end, they leave Daniel behind.

What happens at Silver’s house?

Elsewhere, the unconventional trio show up at Silver’s address, where Silver is nonchalant to the attack that’s about to take place. As far as he’s concerned, he has more than enough troops there to hold them off. And as he says this, all his senseis appear.

The kids meet up and try to find the footage of Stingray’s attack in Cobra Kai dojo. It doesn’t take them long to get in and after taking out the security camera out front, begin looking through the laptop. Unfortunately, Silver has a hidden camera that pings, alerting Kim to what’s happening. She sends in the troops.

Although Silver has deleted the footage from his attack on Stingray, he hasn’t deleted the confession he made to Tory about paying off the ref. Tory decides to use this and the kids work together to splice this footage and get it uploaded on YouTube. The Cobra Kai kids show up in the dojo and a massive fight breaks out.

Daniel rings Amanda (who has him saved as “hubby-san” on his phone!) and explains what’s happening. However, a car parks up in the driveway and it appears to be Cobra Kai. In fact, it’s actually Stingray! He drives out and picks up Daniel by the side of the road.

Who wins the big fight?

A big brawl erupts at Silver’s house, with Chozen and Silver both squaring off outside. Johnny is forced to hold off a 4 on 1 assault from the senseis.

Out in the garden, Chozen comes out on top but he takes his eyes off Silver, who slashes him up his back. At the same time, Demetri works to try and upload the footage while Hawk holds off the kids who arrive, led by Kenny.

In a nice nod back to the eggs episode, the kids protect the tablet no matter what as the footage is uploaded. When the transfer is complete, all of Cobra Kai see Silver admit to paying off the ref for Tory’s victory. When Silver stumbles in, he’s quick to try and rally the troops back to his side.

“There are only winners at Cobra Kai,” Silver promises. Daniel, Stingray and Amanda also appear, leading to a big fight between Daniel and Silver.  At the same time, Johnny gets the motivation he needs to fight back, seeing a picture of his unborn child. Barnes jumps in and helps change the dynamic of the fight and the duo come out on top.

How does Cobra Kai season 5 end?

Daniel beats Silver, prompting numerous kids to decide to quit Cobra Kai. Kenny also realizes the error of his ways too and is shameful over his part to play in all this.

Silver is taken away and arrested, while Kreese fools everyone and breaks out of prison. It turns out the shiv attack was orchestrated and the blood was actually Jell-O. Kreese gets dressed up in the doctor’s gear after knocking out the men around him, while his earlier chat with the therapist is repurposed, as we see that Kreese actually took her ID badge.

With Kreese now a free man, and hell bent on revenge, everything is set up nicely for next season.

The Episode Review

So Cobra Kai’s fifth season comes to a dramatic close, with plenty of action and drama to boot. There’s a big fight in both Cobra Kai dojo and also in Silver’s house, while numerous loose threads are left dangling for season 6. Most notably is that involving John Kreese, but we also have Kim, Kenny, the future of Cobra Kai and quite what all of this means for the world tournament.

In a way, season 5 has felt like a stop-gap between two much larger storylines and as a result, this year’s story does suffer a bit. It’s still enjoyable and has stand out moments, but it doesn’t quite zing in the same way.

Despite all of that though, there’s certainly enough here to like and season 6 promises to be quite the dramatic affair.

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