Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 8 “Taikai” Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Cobra Kai Season 5 starts with Terry Silver welcoming in the distinguished members of the Sekai Taikai to the dojo. Gunther Braun leads them and he’s there to oversee the dojo and see if they’re worthy of entry to this big tournament.

Silver knows exactly what to say but he’s interrupted by Johnny and Daniel, who show up and pitch their own dojo into competing. As a result, given their history, Braun decides to bring them both in. The stage is set for quite the dramatic tournament, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

The tournament is going to be on TV again, but this time there’s plenty of corporate sponsors and bragging rights. Not only that, but if they win they can show that the underdogs have what it takes to rise up and take out Cobra Kai. Naturally, we end up with another montage seeing each of the dojos in action.

Torn between which is the better dojo, Taikai decide that both should fight each other in direct competition to decide a winner. Each dojo must select two fighters, one male and one female, with a fight that following afternoon in separate three-point matches. Those fights will be decided by the organizers who will decide which dojo should make the world stage as a result.

This is bigger than the All-Valley competition and they need to be ready to give it their all. Silver’s Cobra Kai VS LaRusso and Lawrence’s Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang combo. It’s all hanging on a knife-edge but deciding which competitor to fight is no easy choice.

Robby and Miguel decide Hawk should be chosen while Sam is the strongest female and naturally picked too. Outside, she notices the necklace Miguel got for her and picks it up.

So the match begins and it’s Tory VS Sam in another rematch. Kim tells Tory to make it quick while Kenny is up against Hawk. The boys are up first, with Kenny beating Hawk thanks to using Silver’s special move he learned the night before, the Silver bullet. Hawk struggles to breathe and the medic is brought in, while Tory finds herself conflicted over these tactics.

In fact, Tory skips out leaving Devon to fight against Sam. She’s a little reluctant to begin with but eventually the pair do square off. Predictably, Sam comes out on top. The scores are tied between the dojos.

As a result, Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang qualify given the judges like what they’ve seen. So what are they going to call their dojo? Well, we’ll have to wait and see!

As the episode closes out, a big party ensues to celebrate but Sam has her heart broken when she notices Miguel kissing someone else. When she leaves the party, Tory is there and she wants to talk. “You didn’t lose the All -Valley.” Tory says, as the truth appears to be on its way out.

The Episode Review

So we get some decent action with another mini-tournament of sorts, leaving the door wide open for the final 2 episodes. This world tournament that could well have massive repercussions on the future of Cobra Kai and our unconventional dojo.

It’ll be interesting to see what they call themselves too, although I’m sure we’ll find out in the next episode!

The characters have been quite well developed these past few episodes, with Kenny, Miguel and Tory arguably the best. A lot of the other characters haven’t really changed and it’s another example of why the packed ensemble this show is juggling with is both a strength and a deterrent.

Either way though, the ending leaves everything wide open for the next chapter.

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