Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 6 “Ouroboros” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Cobra Kai Season 5 starts with Silver showing up at the airport and welcoming sensei Kim Da-Eun. She’s brought the best senseis she has to offer, who touch down alongside her and mean business.

Silver offers her part of Cobra Kai – 50% to be precise. However, money runs secondary to what Silver is really offering here, which comes from forging a new karate legacy moving forward.

It’s been a week since Silver took out Daniel, and Johnny tries to make plans with Amanda and Daniel. However, the latter is done with karate and decides he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He’s convinced he almost lost his family because of it. He’s instead dipping out and going back to work.

Tory is still seeing Kreese too, and points out that Daniel has been hurt by Silver in the past. As for Kreese, he has a plan to get out of prison earlier than expected, but in the meantime wants Tory to hold down the fort and keep her eyes and ears open.

Unfortunately Kreese doesn’t get early release, despite trying to impress his councillor. Instead, he actually opens up properly, where he ends up seeing visions of his past transgressions in Vietnam.

As for Silver, his expansion plans continue to spread, with Topanga Karate taken over and replaced by his own senseis. This is all part of Silver’s plan to monopolize the karate business.

Johnny and Chozen refuse to back down and decide to confront Silver head-on. Johnny ends up distracted when he notices one of his students, Devon, in attendance. Chozen is quick to remind Johnny that’s not why they’re there and he needs to keep his head in the game.

That’s probably just as well, because Tory and Devon end up facing one another. Tory is equally told to keep her head in the game and she shows no mercy, using her strength and cunning to thwart Devon.

When the session is closed for the day, Chozen and Johnny show up and end up fighting against one of Kim’s senseis. When Kim and the rest of her troops show up, Chozen and Johnny decide on a tactical retreat.

Back in prison, Kreese is attacked by thugs but this time, he more than holds his own, defeating all of them and embracing the “sensei” chants across the prison.

Amanda, now supporting her husband, leads Daniel into Miyagi-Do dojo, where Robby and Amanda both give him words of wisdom, encouraging him not to give up.

They need to stop Cobra Kai and Daniel is instrumental to leading that charge. And out in the garden, Daniel finds Johnny and the rest of the gang together, ready to bring the fight to Silver.

The Episode Review

Daniel’s path to redeeming his honour works well in the context of this story, setting things up for a deliciously tense set of episodes to follow.

The battle for Cobra Kai and supremacy of the valley is likely to erupt into a flurry of stiff punches and kicks, although the show does still struggle from the sheer number of characters they’re juggling.

This is a problem the previous seasons had too but here it’s a lot more evident, especially with even more characters added to the roster like Kim and the other senseis. Either way though, everything is set up nicely for the final 4 episodes, which should be quite the intriguing watch!

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2 thoughts on “Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 6 “Ouroboros” Recap & Review”

  1. This is all about Taekwondo, yet they keep saying Karate. It’s really confusing and I honestly suspect there’s a problem of serious ignorance or even racism: why are the new senseis from Korea, and why do they use Taekwondo tech and commands if it’s all about Karate?

  2. One of the best episodes of these series.
    Very interesting twists that revolve around true values, more than American, more than Japanese, even more : human. Human values. What do we really keep our stand for…? (Yes this is a Canadian writing this. Eh! :p).

    Beautiful episode,

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