Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 5 “Extreme Measures” Recap & Review

Extreme Measures

Episode 5 of Cobra Kai Season 5 starts at Cobra Kai dojo. Stingray shows up and has recovered from his injuries. He’s still not 100% but he’s there to fight nonetheless. Silver calls him his most loyal soldier, and as a gift he gives over Johnny’s old car. Not only that, but he’s got his own Cobra Kai robes too.

After Robby and Miguel’s fight last episode, Johnny sits them both down, intending to iron out their issues. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and they end up walking away.

Johnny is not ready to do that though and makes a makeshift Escape Room in his own apartment. The only way out is to work together to be a family. And that final word causes them to go their separate ways. Rosa’s appearance through the front door gives Miguel just the exit he needs.

As for Daniel, he’s down in the dumps and drinking his sorrows away. Chozen is convinced the family will return and convinces Daniel to head out, where he notices Stingray in the Cobra Kai car.

Naturally, Daniel feeds this back to Johnny, urging him to convince Stingray to turn back to their side. Johnny has wiped his hands of this and questions just what Daniel is doing. He knows the guy is completely off the rails, prompting the two to have chat. And out of all the people to give him advice, it’s Johnny.

While Amanda ends up in a bar brawl with some old “friends”, Johnny decides that Robby and Miguel should just fight it out. So naturally, a street fight ensues between the two, with Johnny playing out as both the cheerleader and referee in this.

As they fight, Miguel looks set to hit Robby but he realizes, looking over at him by the bannister, that it brings back memories of their fight at school. They decide not to fight anymore and it seems to patch up the animosity between them. Unfortunately, Johnny puts his foot in it and breaks the news that he’s having a baby with Carmen.

Daniel heads back to check on Stingray but he finds the place empty, save for Silver. He points out that he has much bigger plans than the valley. Silver intends to expand out much further than that.

As Silver taunts his family, Daniel lashes out and the pair fight. Unfortunately, Silver gets the upper-hand and snaps LaRusso’s arm, ending it with a swift kick to the jaw. “The real pain is about to begin.” Silver promises, as he walks away.

While Daniel recovers, Johnny heads over to help while Tory visits Kreese in prison.

The Episode Review

Finally we get some fighting in this series and it’s a long-awaited brawl between Miguel and Robby. The choreography is pretty good here too, with the camera slowly creeping up as they brawl through the stairwell. There’s been a lot of animosity between the two and it all stems from that fight at school the pair had.

It’s a nice way to patch up their differences, and gives Johnny a bigger role to play in all this as well. This episode is much more effective in balancing the fighting and drama, and hopefully this is a sign that the rest of these episodes are going to double-down on the fighting.

This is a much improved chapter and there’s a nice little twist by including Kreese right at the death of things too. The build-up for what should be a dramatic fight to come is deliciously poised for the future chapters.

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