Cobra Kai – Season 5 Episode 1 “Long, Long Way From Home” Recap & Review

Long, Long Way From Home

Episode 1 of Cobra Kai Season 5 starts with a new era dawning on us. Silver is firmly in control of Cobra Kai dojo. Nationwide adverts have gone out, encouraging kids to join them.

Daniel is concerned though, believing Cobra Kai is more dangerous than ever. Chozen is staying with them, but Amanda is not exactly happy with him taking naked dips in the pool in the morning. Daniel regrettably shuts down Miyagi-Do too, holding up his end of the bargain. Sam blames herself.

Daniel briefs Chozen on how dangerous Silver is, and remains determined to expose him for the crook he really is. The thing is, Silver is smart and always two steps ahead so that’s easier said than done.

It turns out Kim Sun-Yung was not some made up term Silver came up with in the past to fool Daniel and the others. In fact, Chozen reveals that they’re very real and a master of Tang Soo Do. The style is controversial, fighting through deception with absolutely no honour or mercy.

Meanwhile, over in Mexico Miguel continues to search for his dad. After getting to know the locals (and by know, I mean scammed and tricked), he finds Hector’s address. Unbeknownst to him, Johnny and Robby are in hot pursuit and determined to track him down.

Although Johnny’s big plan includes checking the Mexican phone book, much to Robby’s surprise. Before they get there though, they end up needing to some repairs by the side of the road, delaying their journey.

As for Miguel, he tracks down his father Hector Salazar and notices him with his son Luis in the market. While he gets closer to the action, so too do Robby and Johnny. They make it into town eventually, where those surfer scammers from earlier try to pull a fast one on Johnny. Thankfully, the duo manage to take them out.

The final scene of the episode is an intriguing one, as Chozen decides to go undercover and join Cobra Kai dojo as a sensei. And for now, Silver doesn’t suspect a thing.

The Episode Review

Cobra Kai is back and much like in season 3, we’ve got our characters off in different directions and involved with individual subplots.

Miguel’s hunt for his father is likely to see him reach some sort of personal epiphany about his true father – that being Johnny. Of course, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here!

The rest of the subplots continue to work around the fact Cobra Kai is this monstrous organisation that’s grown way too big to take out the old fashioned way. With Chozen now part of their ranks, it certainly opens up an intriguing proposition going forward.

We’ll have to wait and see what this means for our characters.

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