Cobra Kai – Season 4 Episode 5 “Bicephaly” Recap & Review

Match Point

Episode 5 of Cobra Kai Season 4 starts with Terry apologizing to Daniel for what happened in the past. Daniel is not in the forgiving mood though, despite Terry promising not to let the students attack before the tournament. Granted, of course, that LaRusso does the same thing. If Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do lose this tournament, then both Lawrence and LaRusso will no longer be able to fight, so there’s a lot riding on this.

This looming threat also wonders to drive a wedge between Johnny and Daniel as they fall out over the best way of proceeding forward. In fact, the pair decide to duke it out. The first to 3 match points will be able to fight for control of teaching all the kids. Johnny even gets online and goes on a twitter rant with the trademark “hashbrown dead meat” too.

While Daniel is convinced this is all one big misunderstanding, thanks to him drinking too much alcohol, Johnny Lawrence starts to prepare, beginning with a big ol’ training montage.

It’s an interesting blend of styles, especially when Sam shows up home from school early. She sides with Johnny and tells Daniel that his methods just aren’t cutting it. Likewise, Miguel turns away from Johnny’s methods and continues to side with Daniel, believing there is no winner.

The fight looks set to go ahead and all the kids show up to watch this take place. However, it ends in a draw, hitting each other at the exact same time and falling to a stalemate.

Hawk appears in the aftermath of this, having been bullied and humiliated by the Cobra Kai kids. His mohawk has been completely shaved off and Johnny is determined to get revenge. This is the final straw for Johnny, who sees this as a consequence of their baseball diamond shenanigans, and falls out with Daniel in a big way. In fact, he’s going to take Eagle Fang and train elsewhere.

The Episode Review

Everything is left on a precarious knife edge as Johnny and Daniel do finally go their separate ways. It’s been coming for a while but seeing the pair consigned to their different ways and giving in is still tough to watch. Of course, it also delivers some interesting developments with Miguel and Sam. I’d imagine we’ll see these two switching sides before too long.

Elsewhere, Cobra Kai manages to continue driving tensions through Cobra Kai’s ranks too, although Kenny’s inclusion here has been pretty tepid, to say the least. Hopefully there’s more development for him over the coming chapters.

Either way, the second half of this series looks set to kick things off in a big way.

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