Cobra Kai – Season 4 Episode 4 “Bicephaly” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Cobra Kai Season 4 starts with Kenny confronted by the Eagle Fang kids in the bathroom at school. Given he’s wearing a Cobra Kai top, the kids – fronted by Hawk – pin him up and tell him not to get involved with the dojo.

When Kenny eventually returns to Cobra Kai, he tells them about Hawk, which riles the kids up. Not only that, Sensei Terry is back and now it means they’re going to be getting double the training.

Meanwhile, Johnny starts to lose focus in the wake of Miguel and LaRusso growing closer together. With them working on their car together, it even stops Johnny from “performing” in bed. Carmen believes they should open up and tell Miguel about their relationship. She does his best to reassure him that everything will be okay.

Tory has a new job working as an entertainer for kids, pretending to be a group called Cindee. Amanda and Sam are both there babysitting but when Tory rocks up on stage, Sam’s face lights up. It’s another big hammer blow for Tory. Sam is bang out of order, antagonizing Tory while she’s trying to work.

In order to get some revenge, Tory organizes the kids to throw glitter all over Sam. I’m not gunna lie, she 100% deserved that! When Miguel shows up, Sam takes the opportunity to kiss him in view of Tory. Amanda sees all of this and tries to convince Tory not to give up but she walks away nonetheless.

At Cobra Kai, Terry exerts his dominance, confronting Robby and telling him he needs to face his fear and not hold back. When the pair spa, Terry has some solid advice for him. Off the back of this, Robby shows up at Johnny’s door and demands he call off Hawk and the others.

Johnny tries to convince his son not to let Cobra Kai poison his mind but it’s too late. Robby is so easily swayed and eventually leaves, telling Johnny that he doesn’t trust anyone.

Now, that night a big stand-off ensues at the dive-thru cinema. A big rumble is about to go down between Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai, with all our kids squaring up. Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do get the last laugh though, telling the others to meet at the baseball diamond… just as the sprinklers turn on. The Cobra Kai kids are angry and determined to gain revenge.

When Terry finds out, his teachings are very different to Kreese’s, encouraging the kids not to give in to fear and anger and instead, hit back more methodically and use that to their advantage.

When Johnny finds out what happened at the baseball diamond, he’s not happy, likening it to prodding the hornet’s nest and giving in to cowardice. LaRusso meanwhile, is proud of Miguel and the kids for this.

Seeing Daniel undermine him sees Johnny about to blow up… until Terry and John Kreese arrive at Miyagi-Do for a chat. Oh boy!

The Episode Review

Cobra Kai has been a massive step up this year. Thee different rivalries, the ideas, thee various different factions and the blurring line between right and wrong make this a much more enticing proposition. There’s been a distinct lack of brawls too, which actually helps to channel into the tension and thrills for the upcoming All Valley tournament.

This season has also turned the tide against Sam, who’s actually pretty unlikable. The way she went against Tory while she’s trying to work is out of order and I know Tory has been awful in the past, but given this was done while she’s trying to work, it’s not really forgivable.

The ending hints that we’ve got plenty more drama to come though and quite what direction this one will take next is anyone’s guess. Roll on the next chapter!

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