Cobra Kai – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Now You’re Gunna Pay

We begin episode 3 of Cobra Kai Season 3 with Johnny meeting his old buddy, Bobby. As he stumbles in and makes a big scene at his church, Bobby apologizes to the Lord before knocking Johnny out.

With things simmering out between them, Bobby sits with Jonny who blames himself for what happened to Robby and Miguel. He promises to help Johnny with the Robby situation, even managing to bag a visit into the correctional facility.

Before that though, Johnny heads out for a job interview. Despite everything going well, he’s forced to admit his prior arrests which sees a swift “no thank you” and back to square one.

The only thing left happens to be a dancing position and there’s no way Johnny will go for that. Instead he heads to Sid and grovels for money. Sid simply antagonizes him until Johnny threatens to release one of those “hash brown me too things.”

It’s a fruitless endeavour in truth, but one that does see Johnny take a statue on the way out the door, which he pawns in exchange for extra money. Johnny heads in to visit Miguel before his trip to the prison. There, he’s convinced to stick around and pray with the family. Of course, because of this it means he’s not able to see Robby.

In prison, Robby receives a phone call from Daniel but he immediately hangs up. Daniel has bigger problems though when Tom Cole shows and gloats about how bad business is for Daniel’s dealership.

In fact, he sees a big opportunity and offers to buy it outright. Only, that hits a serious roadblock when it’s revealed Cole intends to go exclusive with Dayona, squeezing Daniel out. If they don’t sell to Cole, they could be left with nothing. Daniel decides against signing though and clings onto what they have left to try and salvage the place.

A car wash fundraiser goes ahead to raise funds for Miguel. Hawk sees this from afar and he’s not happy. Robby sees this same news on TV and eventually this leads to a big fight with the gang ruling the hallways.

Robby’s beaten down to the ground and promised that this is just a warm up when the alarm goes off. Unfortunately these same boys continue to harass him as things look bleak for Robby’s prospects.

Mitch is grabbed by Hawk and the others after a hard day at the car wash and their money is stolen. With Mitch beaten and bloodied, he heads over to Daniel’s house with the others and shows off his cuts and bruises. Sam decides to re-open Miyagi-Do Dojo and teach the others herself while Daniel is out of town. In fact, Daniel has actually gone to Tokyo in a bid to salvage his dealership.

The Episode Review

Cobra Kai’s latest episode starts to move the pieces around as we gear up for another contest between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do. Judging by that ending, it would appear that Sam is going to be teaching the moves rather than Daniel now, despite being a student herself.

Anyway, Daniel’s dealership woes take up a good portion of this episode while Johnny continues to flirt the line between hero and villain, throwing out some classic lines including one outburst about hash browns.

There’s not a lot else going on in this episode though, which is a little shorter than the others but builds the foundation for the season ahead.

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