Cobra Kai – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Cobra Kai Season 3 picks up right where it left off last season, following a brief recap of the season 2 finale. The 2 dojos go to war and it ends with Miguel fighting for his life in hospital.

It’s been 2 weeks since those events and Johnny Lawrence is back on the booze while Robby Keene has gone missing after kicking Miguel. Given Miguel’s in a coma, things don’t look good for his future karate prospects.

Daniel’s also suffering too, with his dealership struggling to bring in new customers. To make matters worse, all the parents blame Daniel for what happened. Daniel does find a glimmer of hope though in the form of a missing car from the dealership. Could this be what Robby’s stolen to make a getaway?

Daniel decides against getting the police involved, intending to find him and get the boy to turn himself in instead.

Sam isn’t faring much better after what’s happened to Miguel, sporting scars up her arm from Tory. At school, tensions remain between the various different students, still divided into two factions between Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai.

It’s clear that hostilities are still very much alive and in fact, it’s too much for Sam who eventually heads home to have a heart to heart with her Father. “I thought we were the good guys.” Sam says hopelessly, as Daniel reminds her that they are.

Having been released from prison, Johnny heads in to the hospital and headbutts a paper dispenser to get past the nurse on duty. Bleeding profusely, a nurse confirms he needs to stay in overnight – especially after seeing the bruise up his back.

Johnny seizes his opportunity and heads in to visit an unconscious Miguel. He apologizes to him for what happened and asks Miguel to keep fighting and pull through. However, the nurse arrives and tells him to leave.

Back at Cobra Kai, Daniel shows up and runs into John Kreese who antagonizes him and reveals that he and Johnny will finish things once and for all. Clearly rattled, Daniel eventually bumps into Johnny and reveals he’s got a lead on Robby. He invites Johnny along to help and the two form an unlikely alliance to try and track the kid down.

As the episode closes out, Miguel fights back against his inner demons and wakes up from his coma.

The Episode Review

Cobra Kai is back and it seems everyone is on a 2 week hangover after the events during the explosive season 2 finale. Johnny and Daniel appear to be working together to try and find Robby while the real antagonist is shaping up to be John Kreese.

The whole reason Cobra Kai worked as well as it did in the first season is because it turned the original ideas of good and bad on its and made Johnny the good guy and Daniel the bad guy. Here though, it seems like we’ve got both Daniel and Johnny playing up the good guy roles so it’ll be interesting to see how the show tackles that going forward. Whether this is a stroke of genius or the wrong step for the franchise remains to be seen.

Either way, season 3 of Cobra Kai looks set to continue the Karate Kid legacy and start 2021 off with a bang.


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