Clipped – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 6 of Clipped begins with the fallout from her and Donald, who are still not talking. Donald plays the victim, claiming that he has enough on his plate. He’s about to go on TV and apologize, and he tries to buy his way out of this but to no avail.

Donald goes on TV and he apologizes for hurting everyone, but really it’s just a play to try and get his team back. Unfortunately, things quickly turn as the real Donald comes out. He badmouths Magic Johnson and says he has AIDs, and goes on to claim the LA Clippers players actually love him and know he’s not a racist.

Meanwhile, Shelly confirms that she’s revised the trust and it says if “one becomes incompetent” they can be removed as co-owner. It’s quite the coup, and they need to confirm that he’s not competent to continue in his role. Shelly brings in a neurologist to test his competency and between scans and evaluation, he seems to have Alzheimer’s.

Doc tries to rally the team despite the crowd against them as they work their way through the play-offs. After the comments on TV, DJ is torn up on this and when Doc finds out, he grills them for it and tries to encourage them to focus on the game. Things don’t seem to be going well.

Steve Ballmer shows up at the house with an offer of 1.8 million to sell the team. It’s the highest bid and three times as much as anyone has paid for a team thus far. He cares and listens to the team, and he used to be a CEO of Microsoft. Donald immediately says no and believes he can do better than “this guy” who has 2 billion dollars.

When Donald decides to walk off, Shelly stands up to him and believes that he’s on a death spiral. He wants the team to stick with him and even threatens to take out Shelly. It’s time to go to Plan B – and that stems from forcibly removing Donald. The idea of Alzheimer’s progressing that fast in four months is certainly a bit of a stretch but it’s enough for them to go with. Unfortunately, the neurologist, Meril Platzer, has already had a call from Donald and he knows that he’s trying to be removed.

Donald confronts Shelly about it and actually decides to sue her and the NBA. All of this heads to the courts, where he makes Shelly out to be a victim who is being used by the NBA. When Shelly takes to the stand, she plays the role of caring wife and answers the lawyer’s questions about Platzer. Donald though, plays right into her hands when he suddenly starts kicking off. When Shelly approaches him, Donald calls her a pig – which goes on record.

As a result of this, Shelly wins the case. Doc however, is reeling from all of this hostility after failing the play-offs. During the board meeting, Doc is miserable and despite calls for the “new era” to begin and the LA Clippers to win, Doc is not so sure.

Outside, Andy speaks to Doc in confidence about the allure he found with Donald. He tries to explain his actions while clutching his belongings, and brings up Elgin and how going against the grain wouldn’t have done his career any good. “Mr Sterling has always been good to me,” Seems to be the mantra in the office but honestly, it just sounds like cope.

In reality, Doc has bottled up his rage for a long time but he wanted to stay strong for his kids. Seeing Chris break down crying and angry that he couldn’t have stayed mad and made a big difference during the Donald fiasco doesn’t sit well with him. Doc chews over this and reflects on his own experiences, coming in the form of an arson attack in his past when skinheads destroyed his house. All that went through his head back then was shielding his kids from the wreckage. This juxtaposes his own feelings when Donald’s tape came out.

Meanwhile, V’s lawyer speaks to V about her financial situation. He wants to be paid and Shelly is still going forward with suing her. She needs to make some money but V believes that “famous people don’t work at Target”. Her lawyer speaks plainly though and tells her she needs to think of the boys. As a result, she sells the Ferrari… and buys new earrings for herself.

V shows up at court and loses everything. She heads back home, crying her eyes out, as she realizes everything has gone. Before she leaves her house (or, well, Donald’s), she leaves a note up on the wall “Sterling Properties”. It’s perhaps ironic that the house is in disrepair and a mess because it’s kinda similar to the apartment fiasco several episodes back.

Anyway, V speaks to Deja about what she’s going to do next. Her mum has offered to put her and the boys up in San Antonio, where her sister happens to be already. She’s confident she can get a job at Cingular Wireless. She apologizes to Deja for what happened but a bunch of guys start being racist and a brawl breaks out between them all.

Meanwhile, Shelly sells the team and they get their 2 billion dollar pay-out from Steve Ballmer. As part of that money, she actually buys the duplex and decides to let Gladys live there. When Justine finds out, she’s shocked and incredulous that Shelly is not going to divorce Donald. After the pubic stunt with the divorce papers and the house, Justine believes she’s made for Donald given she thinks she owns everyone. As the pair fight in the restaurant, trading verbal retorts, Doc shows up and learns that Shelly has taken care of their meal.

Doc approaches her table and admits he’s been going over the financials and believes Shelly and Donald haven’t really learned anything from this ordeal. Not really. They’ve come out smelling the roses. This fills Doc with rage and he’s decided that he’s had enough.

When Doc and his son walk away, Steve Ballmer is a ball of energy and comes at them with a new hardcore mantra in the latest team meeting. The team laugh it up when they check the video that night, especially when he hugs Doc who’s taken aback by how cringey it is.

Meanwhile, Donald and Shelly live it up on the highlife. V is back as Donald’s assistant and Shelly continues to question her choices. Well, she’s made her bed so now she needs to sleep in it.

It’s perhaps fitting then that the last scene is of Elgin and Doc on the court together. Doc’s wife is filing for divorce, but he’s still hungry for a title. He wanted to win in spite of Donald and realized he couldn’t so feels like he should have perhaps boycotted the games and made a statement. Elgin encourages him, claiming he’s still young yet. And as they stand together, shooting hoops, Elgin admits he wants to keep doing this until it “sounds right”.

The Episode Review

So Clipped comes to an end with a pretty fitting conclusion that shows that people like Donald simply fail upwards rather than learning anything from their mistakes. Donald is still the same man he was before, albeit one who hasn’t learned anything, nor does he seem to be particularly remorseful for his actions.

The real character growth here though stems from Doc, who finds himself at somewhat of a crossroads and contemplating whether he did the right thing by pressuring on with the team despite the racist backlash. It’s good to see how that ties into his past, while the show does a decent job contrasting the fates of all our characters at the end.

The final shot of Shelly in that car, alone, not with Donald’s mantra floating around in her head, is certainly fitting and a good way to round her character out at the end.

Ultimately, Clipped ends with a decent chapter, all things considered, closing out a solid miniseries overall.

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