Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


A bright new day of training dawns and Blade practices a one-on-two battle with his fellow batch mates as episode 2 of Classroom for Heroes begins. He effortlessly dominates them in combat. Earnest walks up and asks him to take the training seriously, but it isn’t challenging enough for him. Blade notices something different about Earnest, but fails to realize it’s the new hairstyle. Heartbroken by this, she sends Blade off to practice with Sophie instead.

Sophie obediently complies and takes every word spoken to her as an order. She is accustomed to fighting bare fists and isn’t very handy with a sword. Recognizing her potential, Blade takes it upon himself to teach her to wield a sword.

In due process of training, Blade finds himself drawn to Sophie and decides to train her after practice hours. Sophie is a quick learner and slashes through the enchanted metal armor by the end of the day. Sophie is concerned about surpassing Earnest and hopes to become skilled enough.

She displays her impressive grappling skill against Blade, taking him down with a move. The two get close and decide to continue learning the next day.

The next day His Majesty catches wind of Blade and Sophie. He breaks the truth about Sophie’s origin to him. Sophie is the product of an Artificial Great Hero Project that made 12 iterations of Sophie. The project aims to artificially grant the powers of a Hero to a suitable candidate.

Blade feels it’s his fault that Sophie has to give up her normal life. His existence created the need for an artificial hero. He takes it upon himself to ensure she lives a normal life and sets off to find out what life for a young person is like.

After running a few desperate inquiries, he finds out from his batch mates that youth is about love, and love is about going on dates and spending time together. The concept of dating is new to him, and he creates a plan to go on a friendly date with Sophie. He asks Sophie out, and she accepts the proposal.

Both Blade and Sophie, inexperienced in dating, happily play along a minute-by-minute agenda. Earnest and two other girls from the academy try to spy on them through the date.

The two set off walking hand in hand, having ice cream, and feeding the fish. Earnest jealously spies on them throughout. The two get close drinking water from the same coconut. Blade feels his heart beating faster than ever.

Towards the end of the date, both of them settle down at a fountain to talk. Blade tells Sophie that they are friends. Sophie believes friends do not keep any secrets from each other. She tells him she is a subject of the Artificial Great Hero Project where she is the final product of a 12-model Project.

She displays some of her powers by manipulating the laws of physics but also states that she has incomplete control over them.

Blade apologizes and confesses to her that he is the reason she didn’t get to live a normal life. He is the Great Hero but his powers have gone now. He blames himself for not being able to save every soul because every time he cannot, people get upset.

Sophie comforts him, telling Blade about the journey she made to find herself after getting rescued by his majesty. Along her journey, she came across countless people and towns that sang his praise for saving them. She assures him his existence is a blessing.

The Episode Review

This episode introduces another significant character to the storyline. Sophie is the creation of an Artificial Hero program designed to surpass the Hero. Blade feels profound regret that Sophie has to endure this life, so he takes her on a date to ensure she experiences the joys of being a normal person her age.

During their time together, glimpses of the enigmatic Hero’s true self are revealed. Blade appears to have undergone a journey filled with considerable stress. The weight of the Hero’s responsibility explains his longing for ordinary life and sheds light on his social skills.

Moreover, the episode unveils some of the Hero’s abilities through Sophie. However, the power to manipulate the laws of physics is an expansive subject, leaving us eager to witness how it will unfold in the upcoming storyline.

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