Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Classroom for Heroes begins with a breathtaking battle between The Hero and the Demon King. The two engage in a fierce battle exceeding the speed of sound. The battle rips powerful shockwaves and the two are equally matched. The clashes only drain the strength out of them and they are left standing in front of each other panting. In a stunning finale, both drive their sword through each other’s chests, killing them.

The scene cuts to a bright new morning at Rosewood Academy with the entry of a new transfer student named Blade. Everything seems very new to him and he’s enthusiastic to make friends. Blade runs around introducing himself to every student he sees. He runs into Earnest Flaming, a formidable girl referred to by everyone as the empress.

Despise her strict demeanor, Blade goes ahead to greet and introduce himself. Earnest is appalled by Blade’s casual attitude toward becoming a hero, believing he is unfit to be a part of the hero academy.

Blade asks her for directions to the headmaster’s office. To her surprise, His Majesty himself is seated in the headmaster’s seat. Demonstrating his easygoing nature, Blade proceeds very casually to greet His Majesty triggering Earnest.

His Majesty asks Earnest to leave and let them have a discussion in private. Blade tells His Majesty his intentions and asks him to go about like a normal person. His Majesty states his intentions to make amends to the system left behind by his predecessor trying to make heroes.

Blade then makes his way to the Advance Training arena where Earnest is supervising everyone’s training. Earnest is taken aback to see someone with such a casual attitude make it to the Advance Training section.

She challenges Blade to slice through an enchanted metal armor. Blade takes up the challenge and uses his move, the Dragon Eater. The blow was devastating and obliterates not just the target, but also blows a massive hole in the wall of the arena. The shockwave released by this rips the clothes of all the trainees to pieces.

Later that day Earnest sets down for lunch at the table reserved for her. Blade sees her alone and decides to join in calling her his friend. Earnest isn’t amused by this, however, Blade sits right there and relishes the lunch.

Later that night Earnest thinks of the events with a fuzzy feeling. Just then the Demon sword on the rack starts to vibrate with a voice speaking out. The sword demands Earnest surrender herself to it, however, being the next head of the Flaming family she cannot give in to this urge.

The next day Earnest enters training with a new power. The demon sword tries to overpower her mentally and she almost ends up hurting her training partners Leonard and Sophie. She also challenges Blade but faints right before.

Blade carries her to the Infirmary for medical attention. Unfortunately, Earnest is affected by spells and curses which are outside the staff’s expertise.

Blade decides to investigate what is going on and enters a highly protected lab to access the Data. He researches the demon sword Earnest spoke about. The sword is called Asmodeus and it has its own will and grants its owner tremendous power.

Later after class, Blade confronts Earnest about the sword. Earnest explains that when she was 6 years old she had unknowingly laid hands on the sword which filled her with the will, flooding her with a hunger of blood and carnage. She has been suppressing these urges since then.

Blade urges her to face the demon and force it to acknowledge her as the owner. She is afraid that failure can result in the demon completely taking over, but Blade reassures her that if she gave it a shot and something like that happened he will take down the demon himself.

Believing in Blades’s ability she calls on the demon to form a pact with her and the two engage in a fierce battle. She emerges victorious against the demon and acquires ownership of the sword.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on introducing the protagonist Blade and an important character Earnest. It shows a glimpse of a blossoming friendship between this rather unexpected pair, given their contrasting personalities.

Initially, Earnest, an uptight and disciplined girl, is absolutely appalled by Blade’s easygoing approach, however he changes her mind by helping her gain control and take possession of the Demon sword she had dreaded all her life. This act not only sparks respect in Earnest’s eyes but also something more profound than just that.

The art style of the anime seems to have a light and fun tone, with bright colors and blue skies. However, at the start of the episode, we get a glimpse of a fierce battle between the Hero and the Demon. This gives us a clue about the direction the anime is heading in.


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