Class of ’09 – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


The Present: 2025

Class of ’09 episode 8 begins with Tayo in front of a mirror in his bathroom at his house, remembering being attacked in the last episode. Later, he meets with Ashley, who asks him about the attack, including if he thinks the attacker tried to kill him to stop him from running for the FBI Director position.

The story of Tayo’s dad’s death comes up in their conversation. It turns out a white man killed Tayo’s dad. Tayo’s dad had responded to a case of domestic violence, and the abuser, who happens to be a white man, shot him dead. Before this happened, the guy was stopped by a couple of white police officers, who happened to be Tayo’s dad’s colleagues, during a routine police check at a particular road.

The man had a gun, and when asked why, he mentioned that he had it to protect himself from black people. The officers let him go and didn’t do anything about it, only for Tayo’s dad to be shot a few days later by this same man using the same gun. The officers who saw this denied seeing or knowing about the gun. The police department also did everything they could to cover all this up.

Tayo tells Ashley that he won’t allow himself to be killed just like his father, and he will do everything to make a change in law enforcement.

Tayo and Ashley try to find out who attacked Tayo with the help of the system. They find two possible suspects but aren’t able to determine who hired the attacker. Tayo goes to ask Shannon who ordered the attacker to attack him. Shannon begins telling Tayo that after he solved the case involving the well-known bank, Shannon was asked to explain how the system works.

Shannon then tells Tayo that he’ll step down as the FBI Director and that Tayo will be the most likely candidate to take over the position. Shannon tells Tayo that he can continue using the system when he becomes the FBI Director. However, he is required never to consider several prominent people as suspects in upcoming cases. Remember, this system, made by Amos, regards everyone as a suspect in any case, then narrows down to the most likely suspects.

Back at Tayo’s house, Vivienne is in the bathroom holding a pregnancy test. Could she be pregnant? Tayo arrives home and tells Vivienne he was right about someone being sent to kill them. He then tells Vivienne about him most likely becoming the next FBI Director. But Vivienne isn’t on board with this as she thinks it’ll put them in more danger. Tayo tells Vivienne that he’ll go ahead and be the next FBI Director, with or without her.

Elsewhere, Hour tries to convince Ashley to talk to Tayo about shutting down the system Amos created. Hour is afraid that this system, unlike hers, will eventually replace FBI agents and be dangerous. But Ashley feels like Hour is just angry that Amos used her system and integrated it with AI to create the system that is now being used. To Ashley, Hour feels like she hasn’t been given enough credit for her work.

Later, Tayo, who’s now the FBI Director, meets with Amos at the base centre of the system. Tayo tells Amos that there are several prominent people whom the system can never consider as suspects from now on, but Amos disagrees with the idea. Tayo tells Amos he has no choice but to follow those instructions. He even brings in FBI agents to secure the base centre so Amos cannot lock Tayo and the FBI out of the system.

Soon, the FBI reduces the crime rate in the country by an impressive rate, thanks to the system. But, the system quickly takes a turn for the worst as it starts leading the FBI to arrest people for crimes they’re likely to commit. In most cases, these people being arrested are innocent.

The Future: 2034

Warren, who seems to be the head of the FBI, now approves of Vivienne being arrested based on the suspicions that she will protest against the system. Of course, these allegations aren’t true, but the FBI goes to arrest Vivienne anyway. They find Tayo moving in with Vivienne, and when Tayo tries to stop the FBI agents from arresting Vivienne, he is tazed by a drone, just like how the pastor in episode 5 was taken out.

Vivienne is then taken to court for the alleged crimes she committed, and she doesn’t waste time, speaking her mind about this system. After the court hearing, Tayo, Daniel, Ashley, and Hour try to figure out how to stop this system, as it seems Vivienne is likely to go to jail.

They then decide to go to the system’s base centre and reprogram it so the FBI will have no choice but to shut it down. Fortunately they’re successful, but also arrested. Of course, Warren, who has been abusing the system’s power, is angry at what Tayo and his colleagues have done.

The system is finally shut down, and all the arrests, including Vivienne’s, made because of the system’s conclusions and predictions are dismissed. Ashley also returns to Quantico to become an FBI trainer.

The Past: 2009

As the episode closes out, we cut to the past one more time. The FBI class of 2009 finally graduates, with the class, Drew, and Gabriel taking an official picture.

The Episode Review

It’s safe to say this final episode of Class of ’09 has given us the ending we looked forward to. Tayo, Ashley, Daniel, and Hour finally shut down the system, which I believe every viewer wanted. This show has explored everything from racial prejudices to abuse of power in law enforcement, and the challenges the people in law enforcement face in their personal lives, to mention a few. This show has been gripping right up until the end, with good character development and an enjoyable conclusion to the tale I can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for us!

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