Class of ’09 – Episode 7 “Orders Night” Recap & Review

Orders Night

The Past: 2009

Class of ’09 episode 7 begins with the FBI Academy class taking their final test before they graduate. The test is to determine if the trainees can still fight a criminal even if they are injured. Ashley is the first one to take the test, and she passes.

Tayo goes next, but before he takes the test, he asks Gabriel why this is the final test and whether it is just a test to train them to submit. Gabriel asks Tayo if his asking these questions is a way of him not wanting to take the test. But Tayo tells Gabriel he will take the test if he admits that the test is to train the trainees to submit. Gabriel acknowledges Tayo’s conclusion about the test.

It’s “Orders Night” at the FBI academy. Each trainee will find out where they’ll be posted as FBI agents once they graduate. Daniel is posted to the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, while Ashley is posted to San Diego.

While Daniel said he wanted to go to Washington, he later tells Ashley that he really doesn’t want to go there because of his father’s influence in the city. He instead wanted to go to San Diego.

Tayo finds out he has been posted to Billings, Montana, and is very upset about it. Gabriel later tries to calm him down, but Tayo doesn’t want to hear any of that. Tayo tells Gabriel that he is dating someone (Vivienne), and he doesn’t know if she’ll be willing to move with him. Gabriel tells Tayo that it’s up to him to decide whether or not to go where he has been posted. Gabriel then tells Tayo he is the best trainee he has ever taught in the FBI academy.

Ashley tells Hour that Daniel wanted to be posted to San Diego, not Washington, DC, as he said. She then tells Hour that she kind of wanted Daniel to be posted to San Diego with her. That is when Hour tells Ashley that Daniel is now seeing someone else. Of course, Ashley isn’t happy about that, although she doesn’t show it.

Drew comes to their room and asks to speak to Ashley privately. She tells Ashley that she isn’t actually going to San Diego but will return to the FBI academy as an undercover agent. Ashley agrees to it without hesitation.

The Present: 2025

Tayo had asked Ashley if he could use the case she was working on as a sample case for Amos’ system’s trial, and Ashley agreed. Ashley is investigating several murders of women along a particular freeway. The system then leads Ashley to one probable suspect, so she goes to question him. As expected, Hour isn’t on board with this idea.

Ashley arrives at this suspect’s home and finds that he’s disabled. It seems like he didn’t commit the murders because of his physical condition. But, as Ashley goes through his house with Tayo watching through her bodycam, they are more convinced that he is behind these murders.

Ashley asks the suspect if she can see his truck, and he agrees. At this point, Tayo instructs Ashley not to get in the truck as they have enough evidence on him that he’s the one behind the murders. Ashley enters the truck anyway and soon confirms this suspect is behind the murders. The guy then attacks Ashley and overpowers her while Tayo, Hour, and others at the FBI headquarters are watching via her bodycam.

Tayo asks Ashley to close her eyes, and something in her camera flashes a light that hurts the suspect’s eyes, allowing Ashley to overpower him. Even after all this, Hour is still not convinced that this new system is the right way to go for the FBI.

Tayo later discusses with FBI Director Shannon and Warren the case the new system helped to solve. Tayo then asks Shannon if he could solve a major financial issue involving a particular bank with the system’s help. And fortunately for Tayo and Amos, the system does solve this case.

Tayo later puts together a team for Ashley to help her deal with cases as the new system helps them find suspects quicker. Hour invites Ashley to stay with her as she works at the FBI headquarters. This house is very similar to the one Ashley lives in the future. That night, an attacker breaks into Tayo’s house and attacks him in the bathroom.

The Future: 2034

Ashley, Hour, and Daniel are at Murphy’s funeral. It turns out he died when the police shot him earlier. Ashley notices Tayo from afar, so they go to meet him. They assure Tayo that it’s not his fault that the police killed Murphy. Daniel asks what they’ll do, and Tayo tells them that they’ve done everything they can, and now it’s his turn to do something about this system.

Tayo later tries to shut down the system, and Warren tries to stop him. He tells him that even if he tries to shut this down, it won’t shut down, but his career will be over. Tayo tries to shut the system down anyway. But it doesn’t shut down and instead identifies Tayo as a threat to the system. Meanwhile, Daniel asks Ashley to marry him, and she agrees.

They then see on the news that the US president has fired Tayo as the FBI Director. Vivienne goes to see Tayo, who’s downcast because of losing his job. But Vivienne cheers him up and asks him to move in with her.

Back at the FBI headquarters, Warren now takes charge of the system and mentions that he wants to see what this system can do.

The Episode Review

It’s sad that it took Murphy being killed for Tayo to realize the system wasn’t working for the good of the people. It’s nice to see that Ashley and Daniel eventually found their way to each other, but I wonder how Hour will take it.

It’s weird that Warren wasn’t on board with the idea of this system when Tayo started introducing it. But now he’s supporting it, which makes me wonder if he’s using the system for his personal interests.

With the next episode being the last one for this season, let’s see how things will go for Tayo and how far Warren will go with this system.

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