Class of ’09 – Episode 3 “Thank You for Not Driving” Recap & Review

Thank You for Not Driving

The Past: 2009

Episode 3 of Class of ’09 takes us back to the past when the FBI Academy class of 2009 are out taking a driving test. Ashley seems to have trouble passing, but she does it several times until she eventually does.

The Present: 2023

Back to the present, Tayo and the FBI are trying to hunt down Mark Tupirik. Hour shows Ashley the technology system she has created. This captures everything about the FBI and the justice system in general. Evidence, interrogations, police officer body cam footage and many other options are available.

Hour tells Ashley that this system will enable the officers to rely on accurate and unbiased information when making arrests or convicting criminals of their crimes.

Later, Ashley talks to Daniel Lennix about Hour’s technology, and he’s skeptical about it. Hour presents the technology system concept before the FBI administration, which Daniel is a part of. Unfortunately, they are not on board with the idea so Hour has no choice but to shut down the headquarters from which she was operating.

Elsewhere, the police are stopping vehicles driving through a certain road. They apparently got word that Mark Tupirik would be passing through that road. The police stop a truck that Mark Tupirik is in. He was locked inside a secret chamber inside the truck. But when the police check, they don’t notice any secret chamber, so they let the driver go.

Meanwhile, Tayo and other FBI agents are interrogating a man they found while hunting down Mark Tupirik. Unfortunately for them, the man isn’t saying anything about Mark Tupirik’s whereabouts.

Tayo contemplates using Hour’s system, but another FBI agent advises him against it. He tells him that if he uses it, this system may replace them.

The next day, Tayo leaves his house to go to work. Shortly after, a van arrives near his home, seemingly spying on Tayo’s wife, Vivienne.

Vivienne gets into her car to drive to work. But, before she leaves their driveway, a man exits from the van and starts shooting at Vivienne. Luckily, Vivienne’s car windows are bulletproof, so she manages to knock down the man shooting her.

Later, Tayo gets back to his house after hearing what happened. He finds the police inside, collecting any possible evidence that would give them a more clear picture of who these men were. Fortunately for Tayo, he finds Vivienne is okay, but Tayo is still shaken by what happened. Vivienne asks Tayo about her bulletproof car windows. She never knew they were bulletproof.

Tayo tells Vivienne he has been receiving threats lately, so he has to protect her. Tayo tells Vivienne that his priority is to protect her, and if she wants him to quit his job as an FBI agent, he’ll do so without hesitation.

Tayo returns to the station, where the guy they’re interrogating is, and tells him that his friends didn’t succeed in harming Vivienne. Tayo then tells the guy that they are starting the interrogation all over again. He then takes out the tools from Hour’s system, despite his FBI agent advising him against it. He then asks to speak to Hour.

Meanwhile, Ashley attends Hour’s engagement party. Ashley finally gets to meet Hour’s parents. Drew, who’s also in attendance, meets Ashley and tells her that the class of 2009 was the best class she has trained in the FBI academy. Later, Hour tells Ashley that she knew from the moment the FBI asked her to work with Ashley that the FBI had sent her to spy on her.

Ashley tells her that she was against the idea, but she was told that the FBI would find someone else to spy on Hour. So, she had no choice but to do it. But, Hour tells Ashley that she’s happy she’s the one “spying” on her.

Hour then gets a call from Tayo, asking her everything about her technology system. Tayo uses it during the interrogation of this guy suspected of knowing the whereabouts of Mark Tupirik. Ashley tells Hour that she is against using the system without the FBI administration’s knowledge about it. But, Hour refuses and tells Ashley that if the FBI wants to shut them down, they should send a team. Ashley then Hour that the FBI has already sent a team, and the team is her.

Meanwhile, Hour and her team and Tayo discover that Mark Tupirik may be hiding at a particular construction company. This is thanks to  Hour’s camera that Tayo had on him, which helped Hour scan a drawing the guy drew while he was being investigated.

Hour tracks down one of this construction company’s trucks, which happens to be the one Mark Tupirik is hiding in. The FBI finds the truck and arrests Mark Tupirik. Later, Tayo returns home and shares the news with Vivienne. He also tells her that he’ll be the one interrogating Mark Tupirik, and this doesn’t sit well with Vivienne.

Tayo goes to investigate Mark Tupirik. He tells Tayo that he may think he has caught him, but he is just where he wanted to be. Tayo asks Mark Tupirik why he wanted to be locked up by the FBI. He tells him that he wanted to be here to see the look on Tayo’s face when he receives the news.

The Future: 2034

We’re taken to the future when Ashley finally gains the courage to visit Hour. She asks her for help in determining what the key code Amos Garcia gave her before he was shot meant. Hour is hesitant about helping because the technology system Tayo is using in the FBI is hers, and Amos Garcia stole it.

Hour had also asked Ashley for help back when she realized Amos was planning to steal her technology system, but Ashley didn’t help her. Also, Hour had confessed her romantic feelings toward Hour, but it seems she rejected her.

Later, Hour and Ashley are in her car, with Ashley driving, when Hour tells Ashley that the vehicle has alerted the police that she’s driving the car. It seems the technology system has also taken over the vehicles of people in law enforcement.

The car then automatically leads them to a checkpoint, where a police officer approaches and asks Ashley why she’s driving. Meanwhile, Tayo is at the headquarters, seeing what is taking place at the checkpoint Ashley and Hour are situated at. It seems that the technology system has labelled Ashley as a potential suspect.

Hour and Ashley go to where Amos Garcia is hiding. This is the place where Ashley and Murphy were in the first episode. They get to where Amos’ technology system is, and Ashley puts in the key code Amos gave before he was shot. The key code activates, and Hour tells Ashley that this system is different from what she created and is way more advanced than the one she made.

Just then, a video of Amos comes up on the system’s screen. Within the video, Amos tells Ashley that she’s been lied to about the system currently used in law enforcement, courtesy of Tayo.

The episode ends with Hour spending the night at Ashley’s house.

The Episode Review

We now get a more clear scope of this technology system Tayo has been vouching so much for when he was bidding for another term as the FBI director. But which technology system is he using? It does seem like he isn’t using the one Hour created. Also, how did he get access to it?

He may have lured Hour into believing he was in support of her system when he was hunting down Mark Tupirik. Then, he may have taken control of Hour’s system and created another one based on this one. Perhaps the next episode will give us more insight into how Tayo took control of the system.

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