A Classic Horror Story Ending Explained – Masterful subversion or meta madness?

A Classic Horror Story Plot Synopsis

A Classic Horror Story revolves around five strangers who carpool out of town. Unfortunately, their RV crashes in the middle of the night, leading to a serious of increasingly bizarre and gruesome scenarios to play out.

A cult, strange symbology, a betrayal and lots of horror film references ensue, leading to an unusual, blood-soaked story to play out.

Who survives the cultists?

As the movie reaches its climax, all the men and women in the RV meet a grizzly demise save for Fabrizio and Elisa. Mark is killed early on after being tied to the table and having his ankles bashed in. A nasty device is then used to pluck his eyes out. Meanwhile, Riccardo and Sofia are sacrificed late at night by the cultists.

Why does Fabrizio betray the others?

As thee film reaches its climax, it soon becomes apparent that Fabrizio is not being wholly truthful. He’s actually working with the Mafia to create a brand new form of realistic horror for a streaming platform called Bloodflix. After drugging the others with a spiked bottle of beer, Fabrizio’s truth is revealed when he leans in to hug Elisa. She overhears people talking in his ear-piece and learns the truth.

Unfortunately Elisa is knocked out before she can do anything. She eventually awakens at a dinner table with the Mafia family. Her hands are nailed down and she’s taunted by all in attendance.

Fabrizio’s Mother, known simply as “Mama”, is the ringleader in all this and the head of the Mafia. The mafia have been branching out into other avenues and this includes snuff films on “Bloodflix”.

The filming takes place on a military site, while the dead deer in the road was actually planted intentionally for the teens to crash. Fabrizio and his team also have a whole host of caravans and props set up, which becomes clear late on when Elisa tries to escape.

Fabrizio is the writer/director of these films and is dead-set on creating masterful cinema experiences. He thinks highly of himself as an artist and seems to be drunk on his own ego. His boasting ultimately leads to his downfall as Elisa shoots him dead with her shotgun after killing Chiara. In a nice twist of fate, she records Fabrizio’s death and unveils her face for all to see.

What is the legend of the Three Knights of Honor?

Before the movie’s big reveal, Fabrizio informs the others of a legend involving Osso, Mastrosso and Carcagnosso. This follows the tale of three creatures who saved a village from famine. However, to appease these creatures they demanded something from the villagers in return.

The sacrifices involve cutting out tongues, ears and eyes of the person sacrificed. The ensuing drama led to the village cursed and its residents turned into mindless cultists. This reinforces all those pictures laid out across the cabin we saw early on in the movie.

The snuff film Fabrizio has been creating has essentially been using this backstory as a basis for the gruesome killings.

Interestingly, the story also has connotations with the Three Wise Monkeys proverb. The whole “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” is a basic morality rule and definitely has connotations with this movie.

Does Elisa survive at the end?

After killing Fabrizio and Chiara, Elisa stumbles out the military site and down to a public beach. She’s bleeding out, thanks to the deep gashes on her hands. She steps into the water, exhausted, as the water around her turns red. She clutches her stomach with both hands and the scene fades to black. Throughout the movie, Elisa has been conflicted about whether to keep her child or not. By the end, it seems like she’s made her choice.

However, given what we see next (more on that in a minute) plus the mafia’s strict code of honour, it seems unlikely that Elisa actually survived her ordeal. Not only did she show her face on camera for the whole family to see, the police and Mafia working together spells bad news for her hopes of survival. She can’t go the authorities and she can’t tell anyone about what happened.

Sure, she was filmed by many people on the beach, but the fact that this film was released on Bloodflix seems to hint that things didn’t end well for her.

What is Bloodflix? Was the whole film a satire?

Bloodflix is the Mafia-run streaming platform which this movie – ironically titled A Classic Horror Story as well – is released on. This part of the movie really ties into consumerism culture and the lack of patience many people have.

It also echoes back to Fabrizio’s earlier foreshadowing where he mentioned people were lusting for more blood and gruesome content. This much is especially apparent as we see Fabrizio’s movie has been released.

In this end scene, a whole group of people discuss the movie we’ve all just watched via chat room. They debate whether the film was any good or not and clearly have contrasting opinions. The user we follow, wanting to be part of the discussion, watches a couple of minutes of the film – most notably Elisa’s introduction and her killing Fabrizio – before rating it with a thumbs down.

This self-aware meta joke ties back into the streaming culture and general habits of film watching. Do  people have the patience to wait for that last minute twist? Or are we doomed to slip down into a constant societal spiral of consuming and moving on to the next shiny thing?


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