Class – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

The police act on Dheeraj’s statement and apprehend Neeraj. They also know about the phone robbery but want to understand what caused a rift in his relationship with Suhani. Veer leaves a farewell voice message for Saba, saying he must figure out himself first before they can be together.

Sharan gets a message from Balli asking him to check the chatroom and saying he should have never come to his place. It is a video Balli has filmed of Sharan pleasuring the former. Balli is retaliating against Sharan for coming with Veer to beat Neeraj.

Veer is suspended for a week but his mother takes offence at Vandana for not doing the same with Dhruv. She reminds Vandana that even though they have the same social circle, they are not on the same “level”. Faruq stands up for Saba when she asks Yusuf for permission to take the Hampton Gold scholarship. Yashika is abandoned in her house, all alone. Her mother and father do not pick up her phone. When the former does, she asks Yashika to take control of her own life and not be dependent on anyone else.

Neeraj finds evidence of the school burning in the phone. He calls Suhani, who pleads with him to get her out since her family is getting her an abortion. Dheeraj warns Neeraj against leaving Delhi with Suhani. It is Friday, Founder’s Day’s ceremony, and arguably the last high school event in season 1. In the school, Koel follows Suhani into the locker room.

Veer stands outside and waits for her. But Suhani escapes through the window at the top of the stall. Neeraj meets her outside. He asks her to wait for him. He has one “final task” to complete before they can leave for Kasol. Koel hides in one of the stalls and spies on Suhani. She sees her coming in with a mobile phone that Suhani keeps in her locker. Koel tries to open it but can’t. She asks Balli to help her.

Sharan messages Veer he’s not coming. But Veer emboldens Sharan and says he must “take what is his”. He assures Sharan he will stand with him to beat up Balli. Saba and her family come for the ceremony. Veer sees her and confronts Yusuf about pulling Saba out of the school. He makes a fair case for her but leaves peacefully after asking Yusuf to reconsider. Sharan arrives at school in a serious mood. Vandana notices Dhruv isn’t there and Faruq too is gone. They tearfully embrace at the bottom of the staircase. Balli bangs up the locker as Koel stands guard, saying that the loo has been jammed up.

The girls go in anyway, soiling their plan. Saba is announced as the runner-up, to her surprise. And against all odds, Suhani is declared the winner of the scholarship. She is blase about accepting the award, even calling it her mother’s vain attempt to save the face of their family. She acknowledges Saba should have won but there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Faruq bids a final goodbye to Dhruv and leaves his photo in Dhruv’s wallet. Yahsika has gone crazy after not winning the scholarship and insults Veer in front of the entire school. Balli opens the locker but the phone is not in there. She pleads with him to help with getting the phone back but Balli has had enough of her bossing him around. Neeraj goes for the exchange at Tarun’s own club.

When he gets the money, Tarun learns Neeraj does not have the phone with him in person. He sends his men with Neeraj to get it. Suhani has the phone securely with her. Dheeraj vows not to let Suhani make a mistake and says she will stay with him. Veer tries to stop Suhani but she says he must leave the house too. What he thinks is his home is a jail, where the parents do what they wish with their children. Suhani runs towards the parking spot but is intercepted by Sharan, who overheard Koel talking about the stolen phone. Suhani slaps him and badly insults him. Sharan is overtaken by anger and he bashes Suhani’s head in with the Hampton Gold trophy. He is the murderer.

He takes the bag and runs from the spot. Koel is shocked to find Sharan, who repeatedly seeks her approval. He “did it for them, so she doesn’t hate him anymore. Balli sees this going down. Koel informs Yamini that she has found the phone, who informs Tarun. He calls his goons and Neeraj runs from the car. Then we see the events playing out like in the first episode. A shell-shocked Dheeraj sits near the body, while Neeraj escapes. Koel takes Sharan home and for the time being, gives her approval to him. Dheeraj is arrested. Koel throws the award and the shirt into the pond. She vows never to let anyone tarnish her family name.

We get a final glimpse of the shirt and the trophy. The police arrested Neeraj based on Dheeraj’s testimony. The brother soon realizes his mistake. But when he goes to the station, they say they do not have any record of Neeraj being arrested. Dheeraj rues making this mistake and laments how the rich can get away with anything in this country. Bindra closes the case file and charges an FIR against Neerajn for the murder. Koel and Sharan get a message from Balli (but they don’t know it). It is a photo of them together after the murder of the night. The message says: “I can stay quiet. But what will I get in return?”

The Episode Review

Did any of us expect that from Balli? I think it was the makers’ own way of saying that no one is holier than thou just because of their status. It is all a level playing field when it comes to judgment. One’s actions are the only determinant to measure one’s moral commitment to humanity. Episode 8 of Class ended tragically. The strong sense of injustice against Neeraj was a blow. But given how everything played out, the ending seemed fair.

Dheeraj and Suhani, perhaps the only two favourites of the viewers, were both dealt a blow. Sharan ended up becoming the difference maker. But the move seemed haphazard and unplanned. It seemed random how the story was concluded despite its poetic nature.

One thing that was done well in the finale was giving each character a send-off. They do come off as different people when we first started. Our whole perception of them changed by the end but perhaps better work in the present-day timeline could have amplified the appeal.

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